Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton “Secretly Texting” After Breakups With Anderson East, Gwen Stefani?

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Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton Texting

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Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton Texting

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Are Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton “secretly texting”? A new report claims the former spouses are finding comfort in each other after breakups with their respective significant others. Gossip Cop, however, can bust the claims.

As Gossip Cop has noted, there’s been speculation about a split between Lambert and Anderson East. Her camp is refusing to comment on the status of the relationship. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, In Touch alleged in a cover story that Shelton “dumped” Gwen Stefani. In addition to that article, which also maintains Lambert and East are done, the tabloid has another piece that claims Shelton and Lambert are now leaning on one another to cope with their breakups.

The gossip magazine deems Shelton an “unlikely source of support” for his ex-wife, with a so-called “source” quoted as saying, “Miranda reached out to Blake via text… They buried the hatchet and have been supporting each other through their latest troubled relationships.” This supposed snitch specifically claims to the outlet that it’s “over the past month or so” that Shelton and Lambert have “become close friends and allies” again.

And though the publication asserts “it’s too soon to say” if the country superstars will “reunite romantically,” the tabloid also contends a reconciliation is “not out of the realm of possibility.” The purported tipster adds, “They have developed into close confidantes and are sharing intimate details of their lives.” Notably, no examples of those alleged “intimate details” are given.

Also significant is that less than six months ago, this same magazine insisted Shelton and Lambert harbored such animosity towards each other that they were in a “race” to see who could get remarried first. Furthermore, while the outlet is claiming they’ve spent the “past month or so” growing close again, its sister publication, Life & Style, has been alleging they remain fiercely at odds. In fact, just last week that tabloid peddled a story claiming Lambert was upset Shelton was “invading” her “turf” by opening a restaurant in Nashville.

Why would she be bothered by his business endeavor, as claimed by Life & Style, if they’re supporting each other, as claimed by In Touch? The narratives are inconsistent because the magazines seem to be out of touch with reality. Shelton is not “secretly texting” Lambert about his breakup because he didn’t have one. As Gossip Cop already confirmed with a rep, he and Stefani are still together. What’s more is that Shelton appeared to throw shade at Lambert on Twitter this week, further indicating that this tale about a potential reunion is bogus.