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Is Miranda Lambert upset Blake Shelton plans to open a restaurant and concert venue in Nashville? That's the claim coming from this week's tabloids. But Gossip Cop can bust what is actually a pretty ridiculous story.

More than a year ago, in January of 2017, it was announced Shelton had partnered with Ryman Hospitality Properties for Ole Red Nashville, an offshoot of Ole Red Tishomingo, which he launched in Oklahoma later in the year. This will be a substantially bigger version of the original establishment, and earlier this month it was revealed the entertainment complex should be ready for the public this spring. With the opening tentatively scheduled for May, Life & Style is now claiming Lambert is "sick of Blake invading her turf."

Given that Lambert lives in the Nashville area, a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Miranda is annoyed. She feels Blake opening businesses in Nashville is petty and just plain obnoxious." The gossip magazine asserts Lambert was "forced to close" her own businesses in Oklahoma after her divorce from Shelton, who later bought one of the buildings and turned it into Ole Red. The supposed source claims to the outlet that it was his "idea to pick territories," with Shelton remaining in his home state and Lambert relocating to Tennessee.

But now "Blake adding a second restaurant in Nashville, after he opened one in her old location in Oklahoma, adds insult to injury," contends the alleged tipster, who further claims, "Miranda's taking the high road for now. But she knows what goes around comes around." Actually, having someone close to you go dishing to the gossip media about the situation wouldn't be "taking the high road." The catch: Gossip Cop is told on background that no one really did.

Just as we've always rightly reported, those in Lambert's inner circle don't spill to the tabloids about her personal life. Gossip Cop has correctly pointed that out multiple times, including last November when the magazine ran a cover story claiming Stefani and Shelton were in a "new war." It's notable that, as seen in the screengrabs below, the outlet is featuring the same cover line, "New War Explodes," to sell both of these narratives, the old and the current. That's because the publication wants readers to think the former spouses are continually battling each other.

In this particular case, the claims are fairly absurd. While the tabloid insists Lambert believes her ex-husband's "move onto her turf is personal," the magazine fails to mention Shelton moved to Nashville at the age of 17. He's had a presence in the city for, quite literally, decades, even serving as a judge on the reality competition "Nashville Star." Given that the city is considered the capital of country music, it's not unreasonable for Shelton to want to open a restaurant and concert venue there.

In fact, plenty of his fellow male country singers have their own establishments in the area, including Dierks Bentley and the guys of Florida Georgia Line. To suggest that this was a "personal" decision against Lambert is just silly. Shelton also isn't doing this on his own. As noted above, he has the backing of Ryman Hospitality, which is responsible for the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry. It's not like he is single-handedly doing something for the sole intention of upsetting his ex-wife.

It also makes little sense to only allege now that Lambert is bothered when Shelton's plans were revealed more than a year ago. But Life & Style doesn't consider any of these factors, because it apparently rather continue its fishy narrative where Shelton and Lambert are at odds over and over again. However they really feel about each other, though, no one close to them is sharing such private matters with the tabloid, and these storylines are manufactured.

(Life and Style)

(Life and Style)

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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