Miranda Lambert Never Revealed “Day” Blake Shelton Marriage “Ended,” Despite Report A Year Ago

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Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton Marriage Ended

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Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton Marriage Ended

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Miranda Lambert never revealed the “day” her marriage to Blake Shelton “ended,” despite a false report Gossip Cop busted exactly a year ago. With speculation swirling about the status of her relationship with Anderson East, we’re taking a look back at our debunking. To this day, Lambert has never spoken in detail about her split from Shelton.

But on March 3, 2017, Gossip Cop called out In Touch for a deceptive cover that teased, “Miranda Speaks: The Day My Marriage Exploded.” The article inside the edition was similarly headlined, “Miranda: The Day My Marriage Ended.” These phrases were designed to mislead readers and trick them into thinking Lambert had spoken out about the breakup. Indeed, the tabloid alleged she was “finally opening up.”

But Lambert never talked with the gossip magazine, nor did she discuss this subject with any media outlet. What fans were duped into believing was a first-hand account from the songstress herself was actually a fabricated story based on what the outlet’s unreliable and untrustworthy sources claimed went down when the relationship fell apart. The same publication that wrongly alleged Lambert was pregnant after the divorce was announced in 2015 was now pretending to have genuine insight.

The tabloid asserted that a year and a half after the split, Lambert was “finally starting to tell friends the heartbreaking details about the day her marriage ended.” It was alleged the couple had a fight in which Shelton accused her of infidelity, while she accused him of choosing Hollywood over their romance. It was then claimed that, following the argument, Shelton “blindsided” Lambert by filing for divorce when she thought the strain would pass.

At the time, Gossip Cop was told the piece was “stupid,” especially given the way it was put together and where it was coming from. And in the 365 days that have passed since then, Lambert has never actually revealed “the day my marriage ended.” The closest she’s come to discussing the divorce was in her July 2017 Billboard cover story, in which she said about the split, “If you want to hear my side of the story or my opinion of what happened, it’s all on there.”

This is particularly noteworthy given that outlets are now speculating about a Lambert-East breakup. Publications are focusing on an introduction she made before performing the heartbreaking song “Tin Man” during a recent concert. But those hoping for specific information are unlikely to get it, at least not from Lambert herself. Her camp is not commenting on the status of the relationship, and, as detailed here, she still hasn’t spoken about her previous split. Perhaps the gossip media should just start respecting Lambert’s privacy.