Miranda Lambert Did NOT Send Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani “Congratulatory Note” For “Secret Wedding,” Despite Claim

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Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Congratulations

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Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Congratulations

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Miranda Lambert did not send Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani a “congratulatory note” for their supposed “secret wedding,” despite a claim. Gossip Cop can debunk this false story. As we already reported, there was no wedding, so there wouldn’t have been any reason for Lambert to send her ex-husband congratulations.

Celebrity Insider begins this largely misguided article by asserting that Lambert and Shelton “seem to be at different stages in their lives” because she has split from Evan Felker while “it was reported that Blake might have been married to diva Gwen Stefani for at least six months.” Referencing this week’s Star cover story, the site claims “the music juggernauts got married at Blake’s Tishomingo, Oklahoma ranch earlier this year.”

“It was the most perfect day. Simple and full of love. You could tell these two are soulmates,” the blog quotes the tabloid’s purported source as saying, further repeating, “Blake shed a few tears during the ceremony — he’s a big softy at heart. Gwent’s dress was a gorgeous fitted pure white number. It was nothing over the top, just like the ceremony itself.”

The online outlet regurgitates the print publication at length, and goes on to note, “It is claimed that Blake’s ex, Miranda, ‘even sent a congratulatory text when she heard the big news.'” The actual line in the original article is “even sent a congratulatory text to Blake when she heard the rumors.” It’s unclear why Celebrity Insider is featuring an altered version, but it’s apparent accuracy is not a priority for the website, otherwise it never would’ve picked up this narrative in the first place.

While the blog concludes by writing that “fans hope that the marriage reports are true,” Gossip Cop already confirmed they aren’t days ago. Star wanted readers to believe Shelton and Stefani married at his ranch earlier this year, but the tabloid had no evidence. On the contrary, there was proof it was all a fabrication. As we explained on Wednesday, after this storyline hit newsstands, there is no legal record of Shelton and Stefani marrying in the Oklahoma county where his property is located and where the wedding supposedly took place.

Additionally, while the magazine tried to claim these alleged nuptials occurred in March, in April Shelton said that while he thinks about marrying Stefani, it wouldn’t happen “any time soon.” Unfortunately, Celebrity Insider obviously didn’t care about whether this premise was legitimate or not, and saw fit to turn the contention about Lambert sending congratulations into its own story. But regardless of her own relationship status with Felker, Lambert never offered congratulations to Shelton and Stefani for a wedding that never really happened.


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