Miranda Kerr Topless For Harper’s Bazaar: “I Quite Like Being Naked” (PHOTOS)

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Miranda Kerr Topless Harper's Bazaar

By Shari Weiss |

Miranda Kerr Topless Harper's Bazaar

(Harper’s Bazaar)

Miranda Kerr appears topless on the February cover of Harper’s Bazaar. The model wears an oversized hat with her arms crossed over her breasts, and in the accompanying interview, Kerr opens up about her penchant for nudity. Check out more pics below!

“I quite like to be naked,” Kerr confesses to the magazine. “I love taking my shoes off and being in the grass. Or sunbaking naked. I wish I could go skinny-dipping in the ocean. If I didn’t have to worry about anyone taking my picture, I’d totally be out there.”

Kerr shoots down tabloid stories about her love life, some of which Gossip Cop has corrected, such as claims linking her to Tom Cruise. “Some of the stuff that gets written, there’s not one bit of truth to it,” she says. “Not even a smidgen! But if you worry about what other people think, it’s just a downward spiral.”

So, what’s really going on with her love life since splitting with Orlando Bloom? Kerr tells Harper’s Bazaar, “I’ll go on a date here and there if it works. But at this point my priority is my son. I’m not looking for a relationship. I’m just not.” Still, the Australian bombshell freely dishes out some relationship advice. “Men don’t want to be disrespected, and women feel the best when they feel cherished. So if a woman is feeling cherished, she will respect a man, and if a man’s feeling respected, he will cherish a woman. It doesn’t need to be complicated,” she says.

“You know, for a long time I had it the wrong way. I was constantly doing, doing. Giving, giving for my partner. But what works is not feeling like you have to be everything to everyone,” says Kerr. Before dates, she recommends spending “15 minutes and focus on feelings and moments that have made you feel really good. Remember those moments so you can build up a positive force field around you.”

Another rule? Girls shouldn’t call the guys (“I don’t believe in that. I believe in the man chasing the girl, but that’s just me personally”), and ladies should be wary of texting (“I think a woman should respond but not reach out”). Kerr further recommends that ladies wear “something that you feel good in.” “Also, if you’re wearing good underwear — even if no one knows about it — it gives you that extra boost of confidence,” says Kerr, who playfully declines to reveal her panties of choice, but admits, “I do like the garter belt.”

To be clear, though, Kerr isn’t advocating for sex on a first date. “My philosophy is that until you get to know them it’s better not to, because energetically as a woman you get attached. So you’re better off to go on a few dates and see if you want to get attached or not,” she explains, further noting she’s open to playing the field. “If you are not sleeping with someone, then I think it’s okay to go on a date with this one and that one,” she says.

While she and Bloom may no longer be together, Kerr speaks of him fondly, and even points out that he “lives 30 seconds away.” She says, “Orlando will always be my family. We get on so well. We hang out a lot. We’re a team, and we really work on that because [son] Flynn is our priority. We’re both really transparent about everything. Even though we don’t need to be!”

And what about 4-year-old Flynn? “He’s the sweetest boy, really so gentle and so loving. I get a tear in my eye because I’m so proud of him. He’s really engaging and funny,” says Kerr. Check out the Harper’s Bazaar photos below, and tell us what you think of the interview!

Miranda Kerr Topless Harper's Bazaar

(Harper’s Bazaar)

Miranda Kerr Harper's Bazaar Photos

(Harper’s Bazaar)


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