Millie Bobby Brown “Stranger Things” Salary Raise Upsetting Co-Star Finn Wolfhard?

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Stranger Things Cast Salary

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Stranger Things Cast Salary

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Is the “Stranger Things” cast feuding over Millie Bobby Brown’s salary? A new report claims at least one co-star, Finn Wolfhard, is upset about the actress’ raise. Gossip Cop, however, can bust the story.

In a Star article titled “Finn Flips Over Millie’s ‘Stranger’ Raise,” Wolfhard is branded a “money monster” as the tabloid claims he’s angry Brown is “outearning him.” According to the gossip magazine’s “set sources,” Wolfhard had a “full-blown tantrum over Millie raking in at least $300,000 per an episode,” which is $50,000 more than his salary. “Everyone else was fine with it but Finn — who says he’s Millie’s friend — was upset,” one so-called “source” is quoted as saying.

It’s noted that Brown negotiated her new deal separately from the rest of the young cast, leading the outlet to allege Wolfhard is “fuming he didn’t do the same.” Contends the supposed snitch, “He says if he’d done that, he’d be the top earner. Everyone is wishing he’d just get over it.” The story actually paints the teen as a serial complainer, with the alleged tipster lamenting, “Another day, another thing for Finn to brood about.” Yet the publication doesn’t mention a single other issue.

As for this purported paycheck dispute, it was revealed more than a month ago that the “Stranger Things” cast members were getting massive pay raises for the upcoming third season. If Wolfhard was so angered by the disparity between his cut and Brown’s, it’s odd this is first being reported weeks later. Additionally, the notion that Wolfhard would be the “top earner” had he, too, negotiated individually is inherently false given that the series’ adult actors, namely Winona Ryder, are getting paid $350,000, which is more than Brown’s take.

Furthermore, on top of it being suspicious that a tabloid is reporting this alleged conflict as opposed to a TV industry trade publication, it doesn’t make sense that the magazine is quoting “set sources.” On Friday, Netflix officially announced production on season three of “Strangers Things” had begun on April 20. In the last week, not one credible outlet has reported anything about an on-set argument over Brown’s salary.

Nor has any reputable media reported anything about Wolfhard being problematic on set. It’s not clear why Star opted to run an unsubstantiated hit piece about a kid, but there’s no evidence to support it. A rep for the actor also tells Gossip Cop it’s “not true” he’s objecting to Brown’s salary or causing drama as a result.


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