Miley Cyrus Condemns British Columbia Government For Killing Wolves By Helicopter Shootings

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Miley Cyrus Wolf Cull

By Andrew Shuster |

Miley Cyrus Wolf Cull

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Miley Cyrus spoke out against the government of British Columbia on Thursday for allowing a plan in which wolves can be shot from helicopters in the South Selkirk region. The singer emphatically tweeted, “F*** the wolf cull,” as it is known, adding, “Let’s make it STOP!”

The BC Liberals, which is actually a conservative political party in Canada, has just completed its second year of a five-year plan to eradicate wolves in the area, due to their belief that the animals are responsible for the decreasing caribou population. That approach to helping the caribou, however, is not scientifically proven, and has had a limited impact on saving the species. Many biologists believe that habitat destruction, including logging, has been the cause of the decline in caribou.

On Thursday, Cyrus tweeted a link to a letter from the Wildlife Defence League, a British Columbia-based conservation organization, that stated “all pack members, with the exception of a ‘Judas’ wolf, have been gunned down by helicopter.” The reason the “Judas” wolf is kept alive, according to the Wildlife Defence League, is that it is used as bait to “pack up with a new family,” which is then slaughtered. The process will reportedly take place every winter, resulting in the Judas wolf watching its “family killed year after year by snipers in helicopters,” noted the organization.

Cyrus, an outspoken supporter of animal rights, wrote in response to the situation, “f*** the f***ing wolf cull what the f***?!?!?!?! How the f*** is this happening! Let’s make it STOP!” There have been many online petitions to end the wolf cull since its implementation, but the campaigns have yet to be successful.


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