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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are not "trying for twins," despite a wholly made-up report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fake news story. We're told it's "total BS."

According to the OK!, Hemsworth and Cyrus are "pulling out all stops to get pregnant with twins." Pardon Gossip Cop, but we thought "pulling out" is a method for not having babies. Anyway, one of the website's seemingly manufactured sources first notes that "twins are in Liam's family" (his brother Chris has two boys), before adding, "Miley and Liam just love that family dynamic," and she's "desperate to give Liam a child and figures why not go for twins?"

The increasingly fake-sounding "source" further claims the couple has "looked into IVF to increase their chances, and they're both super excited." That's followed by the outlet's supposed insider maintaining that Cyrus has "given up smoking weed" because she wants to make sure she has a "healthy pregnancy." "A boy and a girl would make Miley's happiness complete," continues the publication's almost assuredly phony "source."

There are so many inaccurate statements made in this fake news story that it's almost difficult for Gossip Cop to figure out where to begin. Let's start with the fact that Cyrus recently went on the record about not being interested right now in starting a family. Actually, Gossip Cop quoted the singer as saying, "I love [pet] pigs more than kids, to be honest." That was in a story we debunked just last week that falsely alleged Cyrus was going to be a pregnant bride. So clearly, despite the tabloid's contention, Cyrus is not "desperate to give Liam a child," let alone twins.

And if you were still unsure of the veracity of the publication's latest article, well then let's look at the concocted quote about how Hemsworth and Cyrus have "looked into IVF to increase their chances [of twins], and they're both super excited." That's an unequivocal lie. Not only is Gossip Cop assured by a source close to Cyrus that there's no truth to this twins story, but also any fertility doctor who tried IVF with a healthy 24-year-old in an effort to have twins would lose his or her medical license. The reason there's a higher percentage of multiples with IVF, as anyone not working at OK! knows, is because more embryos are implanted to increase the chances for those having problems conceiving, not so people can simply have twins. Additionally, how can the magazine's bogus "source" first claim, "twins are in Liam's family" history, and then contradictorily state that Hemsworth and Cyrus are trying IVF for twins?

Finally, Cyrus didn't didn't give up weed because she's currently trying to get pregnant. The singer did it because she's sought to be healthier and more focused. She said in an interview earlier this month that she wants to be "super clear and sharp."

Of course, it should be pointed out that the tabloid has zero credibility after it ran an article just about a year ago that claimed Cyrus was pregnant with Hemsworth baby. The magazine was 100 percent wrong then, and its doubly wrong now with its twins story. As noted above, a Cyrus insider tells Gossip Cop the latest claim is "total BS." Once again, it's just the imaginations of the magazine's reporters that are fertile.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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