Miley Cyrus “Today” Show Concert Video – Watch Performance!

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Miley Cyrus Today Show Concert

By Shari Weiss |

Miley Cyrus Today Show Concert


Miley Cyrus’ highly-anticipated “Today” show concert took place on Friday. Check out the videos below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Cyrus stopped by the “Today” show last week to tease her turn on the Citi Concert Series. With a star-studded lineup set for May, June, July and August, the morning show is hosting concerts outside its Manhattan studio. And today at Rockefeller Plaza, it was all about Cyrus and her “Smilers.”

The pop star kicked off her three-song set with her new song, “Malibu.” That track is the lead single off her Cyrus’ upcoming album. Next, she performed a cover of godmother Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” Cyrus memorably performed “Jolene” on “The Voice” last fall, and famously recorded the classic song for “The Backyard Sessions.” Lastly, she now treated the crowd to “We Can’t Stop.”

When not performing, the former child star greeted fans and chatted with the “Today” co-hosts about her devoted supporters. “This show is always very special because the way that these fans line up, super early in the morning. It was raining earlier today. It always makes it extra special, because I know they worked hard to be here,” Cyrus said.

Cyrus was also asked about dedicating her “Voice” finale performance a few days ago to Ariana Grande and the victims of the Manchester bombing. “Just to know someone who goes through that, I think also it makes my life seem more real, shows that we are at,” she said. “I’m also someone that, you know, I don’t like a lot of people around. I don’t really have like the team and crew around me. So usually I like to lay really low-key.”

The singer went on, “So now I think I realize that I need to know I’m around a lot of people and to protect myself and to protect everyone that’s here. So now I think I take that more seriously or be more cautious.” Cyrus added, “For my friend Ariana, it’s just beyond me and I can’t wait until I get a second to give her a big hug.”

Cyrus’ mother Tish, dad Billy Ray and sister Brandi were on “Today” themselves on Thursday. As for the superstar herself, she’ll be back in her red chair at “The Voice” this fall. Watch the concert videos below!

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