Miley Cyrus “The Voice” Feud With Adam Levine, Blake Shelton Still NOT True

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Miley Cyrus The Voice Feud

By Shari Weiss |

Miley Cyrus The Voice Feud

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Miley Cyrus is NOT in a feud with her fellow “The Voice” coaches, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, despite an avalanche of wrong reports. Gossip Cop can once again correct this unfounded rumor.

The latest claims come from RadarOnline, which announces in a headline, “Miley In The Middle! ‘The Voice’ Judges Gang Up On Wild Child Cyrus.” The accompanying story alleges Cyrus is “caught in an epic backstage battle against her veteran male counterparts,” as they’ve supposedly been “clashing” for “weeks.”

Comparing the show to seasons past, a so-called “on-set source” tells the webloid, “It is such a different vibe right now.” The alleged tipster explains, “Miley is saying she refuses to be beat by the old men! Meanwhile, Adam and Blake are still trying to one-up each other at any chance they get.”

And based on that, the site predicts this “season is going to be the nastiest season ever!” Yet the supposed evidence doesn’t match the boldness of that declaration. How is Cyrus caught “in the middle,” as the story’s headline claims? Where are the details about how the “judges gang up” on her?

Nothing in this article actually backs up the site’s proclamations. Rather, it seems to be stating the obvious. Of course there’s going to be a “different vibe” when there’s two new coaches. No doubt Cyrus wants to win. And Levine and Shelton are always teasing each other.

It’s all good-natured ribbing on a show that is, after all, a competition. To paint it as a feud, however, is just not accurate. The outlet previously tried this angle back in August, falsely claiming Cyrus and Levine were feuding. That article said Alicia Keys had teamed up with him against the young pop star, and yet this new piece specifically states that Keys is the only one that’s getting along with Cyrus.

Gossip Cop isn’t surprised by the inconsistency. RadarOnline, much like In Touch, OK! and Star, which have also spun similar untrue tales about the coaches, is just trying to give the appearance of drama in any way it can. The problem is that there actually isn’t any. Cyrus is getting along with everyone just fine. To say otherwise is simply false.

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