Miley Cyrus Was NEVER Slated To Perform At SXSW, Despite Made-Up Story Tied To Patrick Schwarzenegger Cabo Photos

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Miley Cyrus SXSW

By Michael Lewittes |

Miley Cyrus SXSW

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Miley Cyrus did not bail on a performance at SXSW, despite a made-up story by an outlet that shamelessly tried to find an angle tying the singer’s appearance in Austin to the photos of Patrick Schwarzenegger hugging a bikini-clad woman in Cabo. A source close to Cyrus confirms exclusively to Gossip Cop that Cyrus was NEVER scheduled to do a show or even join the Flaming Lips onstage, despite the bogus report.

According to the serial fabricators at HollywoodLife, Cyrus was “a no-show to her SXSW performance” because she was “too upset” and “hurt” by Schwarzenegger’s “extreme spring break PDA” with a brunette in Cabo. The webloid, which has seemingly built a business by manufacturing stories that are provably wrong, goes on to write that Cyrus was “so shocked by Patrick’s apparent betrayal” that she didn’t go onstage, opting instead to remain backstage and “shield” her pain from her fans.

One more time, Cyrus was never supposed to perform at SXSW. She went to the Flaming Lips’ concert (and remained backstage) because she’s tight with the band and its frontman Wayne Coyne. Secondly, the photos of Schwarzenegger hugging the brunette in Cabo didn’t emerge until after Cyrus was at SXSW. HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife came up with this phony angle because it was already getting traffic from its previous story which claimed Schwarzenegger was “cheating on Miley.” As Gossip Cop noted earlier, Schwarzenegger maintains the woman in the photos is a buddy’s girlfriend and that he would never cheat on Cyrus.

Taking one story and adding a fictitious angle is a formula employed daily by HollywoodLife, the same site that absurdly reported in September 2013 that Cyrus was pregnant with Juicy J’s baby. In that instance, for example, after already being wrong about the singer being pregnant, the next day the fake entertainment site reported its new angle that Liam Hemsworth was “glad Miley Cyrus’ baby is not his.” The site has a well-documented history of taking one lie and building more lies upon it.

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a Cyrus insider, who verifies the singer was “not slated” to perform Sunday night at SXSW, and everything else is simply more nonsense from HollywoodLife.


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