Miley Cyrus recently had surgery on her vocal cords, and now a tabloid is falsely claiming she'll never sing again. Gossip Cop has looked into the story and we can debunk it. It's simply not true.

Earlier this month, Cyrus underwent surgery on her vocal cords for an undisclosed issue that was discovered when she had her tonsils removed in October. It's hardly a surprise that the tabloids have jumped on this story and spun a tall tale devoid of facts. The National Enquirer published a story this week with the bold headline, "Miley May Never Sing Again!" The bogus report blames the singer's surgery on "drinking and smoking," though no official reason for the surgery has been provided by any reputable outlets. The magazine also calls it a "shocking condition," but doesn't explain what the condition is exactly.

A supposed insider is quoted as saying, "Miley has never taken care of herself, and now she's likely to pay a very dear price." The tabloid quotes another source as saying, "Pals are scared to death Miley may never sing another note!" A doctor who's never treated Cyrus is then quoted as saying, "Vocal cord surgery is among the most delicate and risky of all medical procedures. Many celebrities like Julie Andrews have had their careers cut short by complications." The doctor, who isn't familiar with Cyrus or her case, adds, "Miley's history of partying is not a good sign. The most common causes of vocal cord damage are infection, alcohol, drugs and smoking!"

It's interesting the doctor singled out Andrews, as her vocal cord damage was not caused by any of the four reasons he cited. The Mary Poppins star went under the knife in 1997 after the strain on her voice after decades of performing caused nodules to form. Sadly, the legendary singer's surgery was botched, and she's never sung in public again. The doctor quoted in the tabloid also doesn't mention that Andrews sued the surgeons for malpractice and settled out of court three years later. There's no evidence that anything went wrong with Cyrus' surgery, as it did in Andrews' case. Gossip Cop checked with a source familiar with the singer's recovery, who assures us the story is false. Cyrus is on the mend and will be able to sing again once she fully recovers.

When it comes to news on Cyrus, the tabloids are a bad place to get straight answers. Two weeks ago, the Enquirer's sister publication, the Globe posted a false report alleging Cyrus was "sinking tens of millions" into marijuana ventures, including new cafes and farms. The singer is involved in one cannabis business - she's not funneling "tens of millions" into the industry. As for the singer's well-being, Gossip Cop has debunked so many false stories on the topic that we dedicated an entire article to false rumors about Cyrus' health. This latest one can be added to the list.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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