Miley Cyrus Said Satan Is “Nice Guy” But “Misunderstood”?

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Miley Cyrus Satan

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Miley Cyrus Satan

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Miley Cyrus did not say Satan is a “nice guy” but “misunderstood,” despite a ridiculous and wholly made-up report. Gossip Cop can reveal the truth. We’re told it’s “nonsense” and fake news.

According to the repeatedly disproven YourNewsWire, the “Younger Now” singer described her so-called “relationship” with Satan as “fatherly and nurturing” in an interview with a Swedish radio station, supposedly calling the devil a “nice” but “misunderstood” guy. The site, which has often been caught peddling fake news stories about celebrities, goes on to claim in a bizarre statement that Cyrus “receives guidance from Satan on a fairly regular basis.”

“I have reached the point where my relationship with him is stronger than my relationship with my earthly father [Billy Ray Cyrus],” writes the outlet, purportedly quoting the “devil-worshipping” star. Cyrus is then quoted as having said in the interview, “Jesus is ok. He’s boring, you know? He gave Satan a bad rap. Jesus is the goody two shoes with no life. I prayed to Satan last Friday. I was in a foreign city, I barely knew anyone. He spoke to me quietly, prompting me to dress like a boy.”

As if the report weren’t insane enough, the website further contends that Cyrus has “sold her soul” to the devil. “The disturbing conversation she had with the Swedish radio hosts suggests she is far from a reformed character, and is openly promoting Satanism as a viable religious choice for those seeking spiritual guidance,” concludes the untrustworthy outlet.

But as Gossip Cop has previously noted, the site is guilty of manufacturing lots of bogus stories about celebrities, so we were understandably skeptical of the seemingly nonexistent interview in which Cyrus allegedly declared her loyalty to Satan. Not surprisingly, the story is a complete fabrication. The supposed quotes from Cyrus are entirely made-up. She’s never said anything remotely resembling that her relationship with Satan is “stronger” than her connection to her dad or that the devil is a “nice guy” but “misunderstood.” Still, we checked in with a Cyrus source, who called the site’s concocted article “nonsense.”

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