Miley Cyrus Not Getting “Revenge” On Kennedys Through Songs, Despite Report

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Miley Cyrus Revenge

By Daniel Gates |

Miley Cyrus Revenge

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Life & Style, a publication that habitually spreads lies about Miley Cyrus, is at it again. The outlet’s sources, you may recall, have repeatedly told the world since last year that Cyrus is pregnant. She is not and never was pregnant. Last month, the magazine falsely claimed she and Patrick Schwarzenegger had gotten married. That was made-up nonsense. Now the tabloid is saying that Cyrus is getting “revenge” on the Kennedys with “musical payback.” Gossip Cop is happy to debunk the latest fabrication from the fabricators at Life & Style.

The magazine reports, “Snubbed by [Schwarzenegger’s] mother Maria Shriver, and his older sister Katherine, Miley is planning payback.” A so-called “friend” tells Life & Style, “She has been writing songs about her problems with Patrick’s family.” Another alleged “insider” for the tabloid says Cyrus told friends she’s “pulling a Taylor Swift — but instead of writing songs about ex-boyfriends, she’s taking jabs at the rich and powerful Kennedy clan and how badly some of them have treated her.”

According to the Life & Style source, “Miley’s hurt that [the Kennedys] are judging her and she’s letting it all out.” The tab’s insider adds, “A pop song calling out the family will definitely push Maria over the edge. Miley’s a loose cannon. They better watch out.”

Yeah, this revenge “song” is happening a week from… never. Life & Style inhabits a fantasy world where Cyrus is married and pregnant and feuding with her powerful in-laws. None of those things is true, and neither is the idea that she’s desperate to “call out” the Kennedys. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the story is “so dumb.”


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