HollywoodLife Makes Up Miley Cyrus “Revenge” On Patrick Schwarzenegger

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Miley Cyrus Revenge

By Daniel Gates |

Miley Cyrus Revenge


HollywoodLife, a backed-up garbage disposal masquerading as a “celebrity news” site, is at it again. Now the webloid claims Miley Cyrus’ surprise performance at SXSW on Thursday was “revenge” on her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger amid rumors that he’s been cheating. Gossip Cop hopes to stop this nonsense right here.

According to HollywoodLife, Cyrus took the stage to exact “the perfect revenge” on Schwarzenegger, after her beau was recently photographed partying with another woman. “Miley ‘won’t stop’ showing Patrick that she’s doing just fine!” declares the site. HollywoodLife adds, “Miley [sang] her upbeat anthem, ‘We Can’t Stop,’ which was totally fitting since she has been keeping her head up high ever since her boyfriend supposedly cheated on her earlier in the week.”

No, it was not “totally fitting.” One thing has NOTHING TO DO with the other. Cyrus performed at SXSW because she’s a professional performer. It was not “revenge” on Schwarzenegger. It had NOTHING TO DO with Schwarzenegger.

If Cyrus had NOT performed at SXSW, HollywoodLife would likely claim it was because she was “devastated” by her personal life and couldn’t sing. If Cyrus went out for ice cream this week, HollywoodLife would likely have a half-dozen stories claiming she was having “revenge cones” to show Schwarzenegger she doesn’t need him for a good time.

No matter what Cyrus does, HollywoodLife will find some way to link it to something completely unrelated. That’s what HollywoodLife does. Enough already. A source close to Cyrus tells Gossip Cop she performed at SXSW because it was “fun.” The end.


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