Miley Cyrus “Tumblr Answer Time” Responses: Things We Learned From Q&A

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Miley Cyrus Tumblr Answer Time

By Andrew Shuster |

Miley Cyrus Tumblr Answer Time


Miley Cyrus participated in a Tumblr “Answer Time” interview on Friday. During the live Q&A, fans were given the chance to chat with the singer via their Tumblr accounts, and ask her just about anything. See some of the highlights below.

Cyrus is an accomplished singer, songwriter, actress, and pretty soon, VMAs host, but a fan named marusitachip wanted to know, “Is there anything you want to do but haven’t got a chance?” The pop star revealed she’d like to explore the galaxy, writing, “Wanna go to space or meet an A.I. =]”

“What’s your weirdest dream?,” asked a user going by the handle nostalgia-of-summer. “David Bowie taught me how to skateboard but he was shaped like Gumby =],” Cyrus revealed, giving us a bit of insight into what goes on in her fantasies.

A fan with the name quinnvseverything asked, “What’s your favorite VMA moment of all time?!” Cyrus couldn’t come up with an answer to that, however, because she says, “[It] hasn’t happened yet ;) Dis gonna be da craziest VMAzzzz of allllll herstory!”

Cyrus will be hosting the VMAs solo, but Tumbl account holder restless-af was curious, “If you could choose one person to host VMAs with you, who would you choose and why?” Cyrus chose “Elvis,” but she doesn’t just want to co-host the awards show with the deceased rocker. She answered that she also wants to “marry him.”

Other interesting tidbits that emerged during the Q&A included Cyrus’ revelation that she has “Dirty a$$ hippie feet,” that her spirit animal is a “pig,” and that the rainbows taste like “avocado.”

Cyrus is slated to host the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday, and Gossip Cop will have full coverage of the event.


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