Miley Cyrus Happily Parties In Las Vegas Despite Endless Speculation About Patrick Schwarzenegger Spring Break Photos

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Miley Cyrus Sad

By Daniel Gates |

Miley Cyrus Sad

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Speculation continues to swirl around Miley Cyrus’ emotional state after photos surfaced this week showing her boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, partying with women (including his ex-girlfriend) while celebrating Spring Break in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. But most of the chatter about Cyrus and her supposed reaction to the pictures is still just empty guesswork.

On Saturday, the pop star was in Las Vegas for an event at Onmia Nightclub at Caesars Palace. Cyrus’ visit was highly scrutinized given the Schwarzenegger situation, but outlets are having a hard time drawing any conclusions from her appearance. For instance, People noted that Cyrus kept it “surprisingly mellow” while partying, and reported that she did “nothing that is thought to be ‘typical Miley.'”

Except it’s not at all clear how Cyrus’ behavior was fundamentally different than it ever is. She smiled on the red carpet. She reportedly danced with friends and drank vodka and tequila at a VIP table. She is said to have said hi to Questlove in the DJ booth. And she’s been all over Instagram this weekend, posting dozens of photos in her typically humorous, happy style, with lots of jokes and fan-made Photoshopping. See some examples below.

If Cyrus is as “sad” and “bummed” about Schwarzenegger as a number of outlets have made it seem this week, she’s certainly not showing it. Gossip Cop will have updates if Cyrus ever provides an actual update to her relationship status.

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