Miley Cyrus Is Pregnant With Patrick Schwarzenegger Baby, Says Clueless Blog

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Miley Cyrus Alone

By Daniel Gates |

Miley Cyrus Alone

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Did Miley Cyrus forgive Patrick Schwarzenegger because she’s pregnant with his baby? That’s what Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting, because the webloid will seemingly say anything to get traffic. Gossip Cop wants to put an end to this nonsense right here.

According to CDL, there’s something scandalous behind Cyrus’ decision to go out on a sushi dinner date with Schwarzenegger earlier this week in the wake of speculation that he cheated on her while partying in Mexico for spring break. The blog claims the couple called it quits before the outing.

“So, why the sudden change of heart?” asks the webloid. “Miley broke up with Patrick as soon as she learned about his extracurricular activities in Cabo, why would she take him back a week later? Well, rumor has it that Miley Cyrus is pregnant with Patrick Schwarzenegger’s baby – so the 22 year old decided to overlook the fact that he was caught up in a cheating scandal on spring break, because she was scared to death of becoming a single mother and having to raise a baby on her own.”

Sigh. This is so… lame. There have been approximately 4,000 false pregnancy rumors about Cyrus in recent years. There have been countless versions involving Schwarzenegger. None of them has been true. And the idea that Cyrus and her boyfriend only had dinner this week because she is worried about being a “single mother” is positively ludicrous. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop, yet again, that there’s “no truth” to the rumor.


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