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Miley Cyrus did not want to get pregnant last year, despite a report from 365 days ago that untruthfully claimed she was looking to have a baby with Liam Hemsworth then. At the time, Gossip Cop corrected the falsehood. And it's clear 12 months later the site that made up the story was once again wrong.

On November 24, 2017, HollywoodLife manufactured yet another phony article in which it maintained Cyrus wanted to have a baby as soon as possible. The blog, which is sometimes called HollywoodLies, asserted Cyrus was "ready" last year to get pregnant and "start a family" with Hemsworth. Not surprisingly, the often discredited website offered no proof whatsoever and simply hid behind alleged quotes from an anonymous and perhaps fabricated "source."

Here's what really happened: On Thanksgiving Day 2017, after the singer posted a photo of herself on Instagram, HollywoodLies questioned whether Cyrus had a "baby bump" and was doing a gender reveal as well because there was a blue object in the picture. Following HollywoodLies' wholly fictitious story about her being possibly pregnant, Cyrus herself slammed the speculation by tweeting, "RUDE!!! Not pregnant just eating a [expletive] ton of tofurkey." Then, in a move that boggles the mind, the same site pretended it had nothing to do with any of the chatter and posted yet another article a year ago today, with a supposed "source" contending the baby rumors "drove [Cyrus] crazy" and she "didn't really appreciate... people thinking she was pregnant."

Seemingly unable to help itself from lying, the blog's so-called "source" went on to allege how Cyrus "wants to be married" and have kids right away. It added that if Hemsworth and Cyrus were "looking for the perfect time to start a family, it would be now." As Gossip Cop noted exactly a year ago today, however, the two were in no rush to wed or have babies, and HollywoodLies was just concocting more angles to distance itself from its previous claims.

Regardless, it was all untrue as we rightly reported a year ago, and it remains false to this day that Cyrus was looking to get "pregnant ASAP" with Hemsworth's baby. To be perfectly forthright, contrary to HollywoodLies' assertion that it has a "source" close to Cyrus feeding the website information, the reality is her inner circle is generally tight-lipped about her personal life. As a result, one often has to take the singer at her own word on those rare occasions when she discusses certain topics. In May 2017, Cyrus talked with the radio station 104.3 NYfm about starting a family with Hemsworth and revealed, "I love pigs more than kids, to be honest."

It also bears mentioning that HollywoodLies makes up a lot of tales about Cyrus that contradict each other and are just plain wrong. It's interesting the blog said in its story from a year ago today that she "wants to get married," because in 2016 the outlet swore up and down Cyrus and Hemsworth were "already married." And then just two months ago, the site reversed its course to declare Cyrus and Hemsworth may never get married.

As Gossip Cop has repeatedly stated, time is not the friend of outlets that manufacture fake stories. Cyrus did not have a baby bump a year ago, nor did she tell anyone she wanted to get married or pregnant then. No one is infallible, but when visitors come back to our busts a year later, there's no question that because we fact-check every claim we are by far more accurate than any other entertainment news site.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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