Miley Cyrus NOT Patrick Schwarzenegger’s “Sugar Mama” Who Pays For “Everything”

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Miley Cyrus Money Patrick Schwarzenegger

By Michael Lewittes |

Miley Cyrus Money Patrick Schwarzenegger

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Miley Cyrus does not pay for everything with her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this absurd story, which was printed this week in one of the tabloids. A Cyrus insider tells Gossip Cop exclusively the claim is “ridiculous.”

The untruth was first published in OK!, the same magazine that Gossip Cop corrected when it wrongly and despicably claimed Cyrus was “suicidal” nine months ago. It’s also the same tabloid that inaccurately linked her romantically to actors Kellan Lutz and Douglas Booth. Basically, the magazine has a poor track record with Cyrus, and it most assuredly doesn’t get better with its latest drivel that alleges the singer is Schwarzenegger’s “sugar mama.”

According to a so-called “source” for the tabloid, “Patrick almost never opens his wallet… She hands him cash, and he settles the bill.” OK! then throws out a number of supposed monthly expenses Cyrus is picking up the tab for, including $45,000 a month for travel expenses, $25,000 a month for clothes, and $10,000 for food.

Here’s what’s seemingly going on. A few weeks ago there was video footage of Cyrus and Schwarzenegger out to lunch with friends in Miami, and at the end of lunch the singer reached into her big bag, took out money, and handed it to her boyfriend to pay for lunch. And from that, it appears, a creative OK! staffer or an unreliable source manufactured this tall tale about how Cyrus “pays for everything.”

But none of that is true, Gossip Cop can confirm. First, we’re told Cyrus gave Schwarzenegger his own money back in Miami that she was holding because, as our impeccable insider notes, “He was wearing a bathing suit and didn’t want to carry around all his stuff in his pockets.” More significantly, though, our Cyrus source tells us the OK! story is both “ridiculous” and “not true,” noting Schwarzenegger is actually “very generous” with her.


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