HollywoodLife Made Up Story About Patrick Schwarzenegger Wanting To “Crash” Miley Cyrus Party In Las Vegas

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Miley Cyrus Party Patrick Schwarzenegger

By Daniel Gates |

Miley Cyrus Party Patrick Schwarzenegger

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On Saturday, HollywoodLife made up a story about how Patrick Schwarzenegger was going to crash Miley Cyrus’ party in Las Vegas to “explain his scandalous spring break pics.” Of course, that never happened. On Sunday, HollywoodLife made up a second story to cover up its first fabrication. Welcome to “journalism” in 2015.

Here’s what Saturday’s HollywoodLife report claimed: “Patrick is ‘desperate’ to win Miley back. In fact, he’s so desperate that he’s considering ‘gatecrashing’ a party that she’s throwing in Vegas just so he can explain his scandalous spring break pics, has learned EXCLUSIVELY.” Oooh, exclusively.

The webloid’s source says, “Patrick is at the end of his tether — he’s desperate to speak with Miley about all the cheating allegations. He just wants to tell her in person that nothing happened, and the pictures are more incriminating than the truth.” The blog’s insider then claims, “She’s hosting an event at Omnia nightclub at Caesars, and Patrick is considering gatecrashing so they can talks things through. He’s already asked her if he can join her beforehand — as to not make a scene at the club — but he hasn’t heard anything just yet.”

In other words, HollywoodLife found out at the last minute that Cyrus was going to be partying in Las Vegas, and decided to manufacture a story about some “desperate” Schwarzenegger gatecrash. Not surprisingly, Schwarzenegger was nowhere to be seen. Cyrus happily partied with other friends. There was no drama. There was no confrontation.

HollywoodLife desperately needed a second-day story to keep the phony drama going. On Sunday, the site ran the headline, “Patrick Schwarzenegger & Miley Cyrus: Why He Didn’t Crash Her Vegas Party.” According to HollywoodLife, “Patrick was planning to gatecrash Miley’s wild Vegas party as he’s been ‘dying’ to win her back, but he ‘changed his mind’ last minute, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.”

“Patrick changed his mind about heading to Las Vegas and confronting Miley about their relationship because he was talked out of it by pals,” an “insider” tells the webloid. “They said that can only antagonize the situation more.”

Oh, that’s awfully convenient for HollywoodLife. How fortunate that a “source” was able to “exclusively” tell the webloid that Schwarzenegger was going to crash the party, and then another “source” was able to “exclusively” explain why the first thing never happened. It’s almost as though this whole narrative was made up by a journalistically-challenged click-bait factory in order to capitalize on the Cyrus-Schwarzenegger saga without talking to any sources who actually know anything!


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