Miley Cyrus: “Motherf*cker Paparazzi” Ruined My Hawaii Vacation (VIDEO)

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Miley Cyrus Paparazzi Vacation Hawaii

By Michael Lewittes |

Miley Cyrus Paparazzi Vacation Hawaii


Miley Cyrus slammed the “motherf*cker” paparazzi who ruined her recent vacation in Hawaii on Friday’s “Extra” (video below). When asked whether she took some time off to surf, the singer told Mario Lopez, “I didn’t get the opportunity because these motherf*ckers wouldn’t quit taking my f*cking picture, so I couldn’t even go on the beach and enjoy it.”

Cyrus said the paparazzi kept telling her, “We’ll leave you alone, if you give us a shot in your bikini,” to which she said responded, “Go to my f*cking concert. I wear way less than a bikini in there.” The outspoken singer, who’s had several run-ins and harsh words for photographers, tried reasoning with the paparazzi about how “selling a photo of me in a bikini probably isn’t worth much,” noting, “I do interviews in less than a bikini.”

And Cyrus wore even less in her V magazine spread which, as Gossip Cop previously reported, featured the singer in different cities, such Buenos Aires, Helsinki, London, Los Angeles and New York, partially or totally naked. While talking about those Polaroid pictures in the magazine, Cyrus told Lopez, “As you would imagine, I walk around naked a lot.” She explained that she was on the road for a long time with her Bangerz concerts, and “when you are on tour, you only have an hour and a half of a show… You get bored in some hotel rooms, [so] you get naked and you take some pictures.” Makes perfect sense to us.

The controversial singer discusses sex and more in the interview. Check out the video below with Cyrus, and tell us what you think.


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