Miley Cyrus Did Not “Mock” Or “Diss” North West, Despite Bogus Report

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Miley Cyrus Mocked North West

By Daniel Gates |

Miley Cyrus Mocked North West


HollywoodLife can’t stop making up exclusives about Miley Cyrus. Oh, wait, we’re sorry. The site’s “sources,” who definitely exist and definitely aren’t figments of the webloid’s imagination, can’t stop making up exclusives!

Over the weekend, you’ll recall, Gossip Cop busted HollywoodLife for inventing a story about Cyrus’ Las Vegas party being crashed by Patrick Schwarzenegger. And then on Monday and Tuesday, the site tried to manufacture a controversy involving Cyrus and Kanye West, sensationalizing some of the pop star’s Instagram posts to make it seem as though she’d “mocked” West’s daughter North.

Cyrus’ Instagram account, as anyone who’s ever paid attention to it knows, features a near-constant stream of goofy Photoshopped images, often submitted by fans. On Monday, she posted a picture in which her face is superimposed on North as the toddler is held by Kim Kardashian (see below). Cyrus jokingly captioned it, “Family.” She then shared a second shot in which she’s again replaced North, this time on West’s shoulders (see below).

It was all harmless fun that absolutely no one thought was mockery… until HollywoodLife got hold of it. The site claimed Cyrus was “diss[ing]” and “mocking” the little girl. To illustrate its point, the webloid used another Photoshopped image Cyrus had shared, in which she’s replaced North’s face with her own and written about her love for “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” HollywoodLife asked its readers (repeatedly) whether Cyrus was “mocking” North West.

The answer, of course, was NO. Cyrus was joking around about wanting to be part of the family, and showing her fandom. That was it. It was a non-story. But HollywoodLife instantly had a phony controversy on its hands, so it could run the inevitable follow-up story on Tuesday. The story’s headline reads, “Kanye West: Is He Furious With Miley Cyrus For Making Fun Of North West?”

HollywoodLife promised to have the “exclusive” answer to this question no one was asking. A so-called “source” tells the outlet, “It’s all in good fun. Kanye thinks it’s funny. Besides, when a huge Disney star and famous singer Photoshops her head onto your daughter’s, it just makes Nori’s stock rise that much more.” The webloid’s insider adds, “Kanye doesn’t mind that Miley’s posing as North. He thinks it’s a form of flattery. He’s good with it and if Miley keeps it up, who knows, maybe he’ll even make Miley’s dreams come true and arrange for her to spend a little one-on-one time with Nori.”

Stop. Let’s look at these quotes. The “source” can’t decide whether he or she is going to call the girl “North” or “Nori” within the same sentence. It’s almost as though the quotes were not said by a real person.

Oh, how shocking! The first made-up HollywoodLife story, designed to stir trouble where none exists, was conveniently negated by another made-up HollywoodLife story! Two bogus stories for the price of one! Here’s a good rule of thumb: After HollywoodLife publishes something, wait 12 hours for the site to contradict itself, and then try to forget you read either bogus report.

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