Miley Cyrus Thought Meghan Trainor And KayCee Stroh Were Same Person (PHOTO)

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Miley Cyrus Meghan Trainor Kaycee Stroh Same Person

By Shari Weiss |

Miley Cyrus Meghan Trainor Kaycee Stroh Same Person

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Miley Cyrus is only just learning that Meghan Trainor and KayCee Stroh are NOT the same person. Check out the photo that had her confused below!

The former Disney starlet found herself totally puzzled about another Disney star on Monday morning. Cyrus apparently fell for an amusing, but untrue meme featuring side-by-side photos of Stroh and Trainor. The image reads, “Meghan Trainor is Martha from High School Musical.”

Cyrus posted the meme on Instagram, writing in her caption, “Whaaaaat?!?! How’d I not know this!” Well, there’s a good reason why the singer didn’t know that. It’s because while Trainor and Stroh, who played Martha in the popular Disney film series, do have somewhat of a resemblance, they are very much different people.

Cyrus’ followers very quickly alerted the former child star to her mistake. And to her credit, she didn’t delete the Instagram, but charmingly acknowledged her screw-up. She added to her caption in parenthesis, “Wtf is life and memes this isn’t even true and my heart is slightly broken!!!!!”

Neither Stroh or Trainor, who are actually nine years part in age, have commented on Cyrus’ gaffe. Interestingly, Stroh actually had a cameo in Cyrus’ “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” but perhaps she didn’t make the connection. See the meme that caused Cyrus’ confusion below.

Kaycee Stroh Meghan Trainor Meme



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