Miley Cyrus “Pregnant Bride” Claim NOT True

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Miley Cyrus Married Baby Pregnant Bride

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Miley Cyrus Married Baby Pregnant Bride

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One year after a tabloid falsely announced Miley Cyrus was a “pregnant bride,” she is still neither married nor the mother of a baby. Gossip Cop is taking a look back at this debunking to see how it held up over time. After 365 days have passed, it’s clear our bust was right.

On May 17, 2017, Life & Style published a cover story deeming Cyrus a “pregnant bride” with both a “wedding & a baby” on the way. The article used comments the pop star had made about abstaining from weed and alcohol to suggest her healthier lifestyle was about welcoming a child with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. “Pals are saying she’s pregnant already,” a so-called “insider” was quoted as saying. This supposed source maintained Cyrus had “reached a stage in her life where she feels ready to get married and start a family.” As further purported evidence of a pregnancy, it was alleged she was doing prenatal yoga, craving ice cubes and prepping a “wacky nursery.”

But as Gossip Cop pointed out then, there were two key things the gossip magazine failed to mention. One, the outlet did not acknowledge that it also branded Cyrus a “pregnant bride” one year prior, in May of 2016. In fact, the publication has wrongly alleged her to be having a baby so many times, Gossip Cop was able to put together a photo gallery of all the bogus covers (see below). And two, in a radio interview with Cyrus that was released on YouTube just days before this pregnancy claim, Cyrus admitted she wasn’t keen on having children any time soon. “I love [pet] pigs more than kids, to be honest,” she confessed.

So, the tabloid had a credibility problem, given its track record, and was going against what Cyrus herself had just specifically said about not having a baby. On top of that, while the magazine relied on an anonymous, untraceable “insider,” Gossip Cop spoke directly with the singer’s spokesperson, who exclusively told us, “She is absolutely not pregnant.” Contrary to the claim that she “reached a stage” that involved getting married and starting a family, the rep explained, “She’s simply happy with her station in life, both physically and creatively.”

Of course, had the outlet been right, the former child star would’ve been giving birth around February 2018. But on January 30, photos showed Cyrus had no baby bump whatsoever when she performed at a Grammys event for Elton John. And now not only has nine months gone by since this “pregnant bride” cover story came out, but a full year has passed. It is 100 percent apparent Cyrus never had a baby, and she never married Hemsworth, either.

Gossip Cop periodically reexamines busts like this to demonstrate how the tabloids are untrustworthy. It is also to show how research, and the passing of time, can expose the gossip media’s falsehoods. Fans should keep this in mind the next time Life & Style tries peddling a tale about Cyrus, or anyone else for that matter.



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