Top Miley Cyrus Rumor Of 2019: Pregnant With Liam Hemsworth’s Baby After They Split

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side by side photos of Miley Cyrus performing in black next to Liam Hemsworth in a black tuxedo

By Griffin Matis |

side by side photos of Miley Cyrus performing in black next to Liam Hemsworth in a black tuxedo

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Miley Cyrus can call 2019 an incredibly successful year. With an upcoming album, a critically acclaimed performance in Black Mirror, and multiple appearances on the Billboard charts, Cyrus’ career has never been in a better position after her efforts the past 12 months. Unfortunately, it’s been her divorce from Liam Hemsworth that’s dominated the tail end of her year.

There’s always plenty of talk after a celebrity couple splits, but Cyrus saw an abundance of derogatory and ridiculous rumors. The winner of our Top Miley Cyrus Rumor of 2019 came in October, just a few weeks after news of the impending divorce broke.

NW claims the award with its cover story about Cyrus secretly being three months pregnant with Hemsworth’s baby after they announced their breakup. The outlet even sprinkled in the idea that the two may reconcile once the baby is born.

The tabloid argued that Cyrus’ brief hospital stay for tonsillitis was actually a secret cover for her pregnancy. An unidentified “source” told the magazine that Cyrus and Hemsworth “had an open relationship towards the end” so the child’s paternity wasn’t certain. Cyrus had a “sheer determination to have Liam linked with her for the rest of his life,” the source said. She “still loves him in a weird way,” they added.

Liam Hemsworth, the source claimed, would change his mind about the divorce if the child was his. The insider said “one of the main reasons they broke up in the first place” was Hemsworth’s fatherly ambitions. His circle was keeping him from doing anything rash until the paternity test, the source concluded.

The publication never addressed why Cyrus would post pictures of her “secret” hospital stay on social media. It never even explained its bizarre implication that Cyrus wanted to “link” herself with her ex-husband.

Regardless, Cyrus hosted an Instagram Live session with current boyfriend Cody Simpson just after the tabloid was published. She made a few negative comments that seemed to be directed at her ex. She even implied that Simpson was the first good guy she’s dated. There wasn’t any proof of the tabloid’s claim of hidden love.

The tabloid also hadn’t brought up the pregnancy in any of its previous stories about Miley Cyrus’ health. According to the publication, Cyrus was on the brink of a health crisis just a few weeks before. Suddenly, it labelled her three months into a healthy pregnancy. Cyrus’ year didn’t involve any serious health emergencies or pregnancies. The closest she got to a crisis was a surprise vocal cord surgery a few weeks ago that went without a hitch.

On the bright side, it seems like NW decided to finally let sleeping dogs lie — for now, at least. It’s moved on to incorrectly pairing Cyrus with Kristen Stewart and declaring that Cyrus’ family and Simpson were forcing her into rehab. While its fact-checking hasn’t improved, at least it’s finally joining the pop star in moving on from the divorce.

Cyrus’ year seems to be ending on a high note. Her relationship with Simpson continues to grow, and the couple performed with the Cyrus family at her charity foundation’s holiday party. Her next album is expected to release early in 2020, and her future seems bright. No matter what gossip she gets roped into in the new year, Gossip Cop will debunk any more fiction from the tabloids.


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