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A tabloid claims Liam Hemsworth is fed up with Miley Cyrus' so-called "public outbursts," and it's causing problems in their marriage. The story is entirely fabricated. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

"Miley's Marriage Faces Wrecking Ball!"reads a headline in the latest issue of the National Enquirer. According to the outlet, Hemsworth was particularly upset by his Cyrus' racy performance at last month's Glastonbury Music Festival in England, during which she lifted her shirt and suggestively touched herself. "Liam feels like she's off the rails again," a supposed source tells the magazine. "He doesn't like being around her when she's like that."

In reality, Hemsworth isn't shocked by any of his wife's on-stage antics, nor has he told her to dial it down. In fact, when Cyrus posted a message on Instagram in honor of her husband's birthday back in March, she made a point of noting, "I love how you let ME be Me." Meanwhile, variations of this phony narrative have cropped up countless times, and sources close to the spouses have repeatedly assured us it's a non-issue.

Just last week, Gossip Cop busted the Enquirer's sister outlet, OK!, for wrongly reporting Cyrus and Hemsworth's marriage was in trouble because she's returned to her "wild" ways. And a month ago, Gossip Cop called out the magazine's other sister publication, Life & Style, for falsely claiming Cyrus and Hemsworth got into a fight at a party in Malibu over her "obnoxious antics." Shortly before that, we debunked an In Touch story alleging Hemsworth got angry with Cyrus for acting wild at the Met Gala.

The truth of the matter is that Hemsworth didn't marry a woman whose personality he doesn't like. The couple, who tied the knot last December, has been together for the better part of a decade. Although their romance dwindled at one point, it wasn't as a result of Cyrus being too over-the-top for the actor. That's even more evident now that they've become husband and wife.

For whatever reason, the gossip media is fixated on the bogus notion that Cyrus and Hemsworth can't stop fighting over her public persona. That's simply never been the case, and this latest take on the subject is more nonsense. It should be mentioned, Life & Style published a somewhat similar story earlier this week about Hemsworth being sick of Cyrus sharing intimate details about their marriage in interviews. This ongoing narrative isn't accurate, despite how many times the tabloids allege that the actor is unhappy with his wife's behavior.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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