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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's marriage is in trouble because she's returned to her "wild" ways, claims one of this week's magazines. Gossip Cop, however, can correct the inaccurate report. We've learned it couldn't be further from the truth.

According to an OK! article titled, "Miley Can't Be Tamed," after finally marrying Hemsworth in 2018 it seemed the "Wrecking Ball" singer had "changed her ways for good." The tabloid then quotes a so-called "source" as saying how before they tied the knot, "Miley promised Liam that her crazy days were over, and that she was ready to be in the mature relationship he always wanted." But after being wed for a while, contends the publication, the novelty of it all is "wearing off."

"It's like she's slowly going back to her old self, pushing boundaries and seeking attention in all the wrong ways," says the unnamed source without providing any proof. The supposed tipster goes on to insist it's not sitting well with Hemsworth. "Deep down, he's worried," asserts the purported insider.

It appears the tabloid's article was manufactured after Cyrus told Elle how she and Hemsworth have a "modern marriage," and that while she's in a "hetero relationship" she's also "attracted to women." It bears mentioning that this is not news to Hemsworth, who she's been with her for the better part of 10 years. And while the outlet references that interview, it glaringly doesn't furnish any examples of how Cyrus is "going back to her old self," or what in her marriage is in trouble, causing Hemsworth to be "worried."

As is the practice with these magazines, the entire premise is predicated on quotations from an anonymous source, who may not even know Cyrus or Hemsworth. Conversely, Gossip Cop reached out directly to Cyrus's camp to comment on the publication's allegations. The singer's manager assured us, "None of this is true." We were also exclusively told Cyrus "couldn't be any further away from her old partying ways," and that she "rarely goes out other than to work out and work."

Gossip Cop is not completely surprised by this report, considering how many times we've busted OK! and its sister publications for untrue stories about the couple. Several months ago, for instance, we debunked the magazine when it wrongly maintained Cyrus and Hemsworth's marriage was at risk because they "can't stop fighting." We also shot down a tale a few weeks ago about Hemsworth supposedly getting angry with Cyrus for acting wild at the Met Gala. Clearly that was also unfound because the actor happily shared several photos of them enjoying their time together at the annual fashion event in New York.

And just a month ago, another tabloid claimed Cyrus and Hemsworth fought at a Malibu party over her "obnoxious antics." In that flimsy report, which Gossip Cop also corrected, it wasn't even mentioned where or when the alleged argument took place. That was similarly based on the unsubstantiated comments from an unknown "source."

These phony narratives about the singer being "wild," and it causing trouble in her marriage, have been so rampant that Gossip Cop recently did a roundup of a few false split rumors about Cyrus and Hemsworth. The reality is Hemsworth knows exactly who his wife is, and loves her for it. Actually, Cyrus even alluded to that on Instagram this year when she posted a long tribute to Hemsworth that included her writing, "I love how you let ME be Me."

What's truly "wild" is how these outlets repeatedly make up bogus stories about Cyrus and Hemsworth's marriage, and try to get away with it. Fortunately, Gossip Cop thoroughly investigates every article. And because the latest tale is so inaccurate, we're giving it a zero on our fact-or-fiction meter.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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