Did Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Have A Baby?

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side by side photos of Miley Cyrus performing in black leather and Liam Hemsworth in a black suit

By Hugh Scott |

side by side photos of Miley Cyrus performing in black leather and Liam Hemsworth in a black suit

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One year ago, a tabloid claimed Miley Cyrus was pregnant and that was the reason for her “hush hush” wedding to Liam Hemsworth. Gossip Cop debunked the story at the time. After 365 days, it’s clear whose reporting was more accurate.

In Touch published a phony article that said Cyrus and Hemsworth’s surprise wedding just before Christmas 2018 was because the pop singer was pregnant. The false reporting included quotes from an anonymous source who said the singer was “about three months” into her pregnancy. “They can’t wait,” the source said. “She’s crazy, but kids love her. She’ll be the best mom. And Liam’s already a fun uncle, so he’ll be a natural too.” The unreliable outlet added that Cyrus’ father, Billy Ray, “was not happy to be there,” as he was apparently unhappy about the marriage.

The whole narrative appears to have been completely made by the tabloid. While the couple did get married in a quiet, family affair, nothing else about the report is factual. As Gossip Cop pointed out at the time, Billy Ray shared several Instagram posts of the wedding, all very positive. This included a post that read, “Congratulations @mileycyrus and @liamhemsworth! Long live love!” Sadly, love didn’t live long for Miley and Hemsworth with their very public split last summer. Regardless, Miley wasn’t pregnant.

As with the other false claims in the story, Gossip Cop debunked the one about Cyrus being pregnant. A number of her own Instagram posts including one of the “Party in the U.S.A.” singer drinking champagne just days later. She wasn’t pregnant, as the tabloid claimed. A year later, we can confirm what we knew all along — the story was completely bogus.

In the intervening 12 months, In Touch’s sketchy reporting on the ex-couple has not improved either. Shortly after they broke up, the outlet ran with a bogus premise that Hemsworth was dating Isabel Lucas after breaking up with Cyrus. The article alleged Hemsworth had wasted no time after the split to start dating his brother Chris’ ex. Quoting a supposed source, the outlet said Liam “took her to a friend’s house in Australia a few weeks ago for a house party, and they were on the couch together the whole time very cuddly. It was clear they’re seeing each other.” It was not, in fact, clear because it wasn’t true, as Gossip Cop confirmed after checking with our own source. They are still not dating.

As for Cyrus, in November, In Touch published a phony report asserting that Kristen Stewart hates Cyrus. According to the dubious outlet, Stewart “thinks she’s a phony and that her ‘edginess’ is contrived.” The beef between the two supposedly started with their mutual ex Stella Maxwell. According to a so-called insider, “Kristen feels like Miley used Stella — and she just has these high-profile romances for attention. She can’t stand it!” Once again, Gossip Cop debunked the story after checking with multiple sources. This tabloid has zero insight into Cyrus or Hemsworth.


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