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Miley Cyrus's family is not worried Liam Hemsworth is sponging off the singer. It wasn't true a year ago and it's still false. Gossip Cop can point out how this money claim hasn't held up over time.

On September 3, 2017, OK! published an article that maintained Cyrus was Hemsworth's "cash cow" and her family was concerned that sticking with him would be a "very costly mistake." At the time, the tabloid asserted the diamond engagement ring he proposed to the singer with was where his "splurges stop" and that he's "barely open[ed] his wallet" since they've been together. According to the gossip magazine, while Cyrus wasn't too bothered by the alleged behavior, her relatives were unhappy with Hemsworth supposedly "taking advantage of her deep pockets."

Far from Cyrus's family being concerned about Hemsworth, they absolutely love him. While the handsome actor and the singer keep their relationship low-profile, on the rare occasions when they're in the spotlight, Cyrus's folks seize on the opportunity to share how much they adore Hemsworth. For example, when the couple was photographed at an Oscars party earlier this year, Billy Ray Cyrus posted a photo of them on Instagram and commented how "cool" they were.

His wife, Tish, also wrote alongside that picture, how much she loves them "to pieces." Tish posted another picture of them on Instagram from that same night, with a caption that read, "WOW!! My [heart emoji] cant take it!! @liamhemsworth @mileycyrus #smile #family." These are hardly the words of people who think Hemsworth is "taking advantage" of their daughter's "deep pockets" and that she's making a "costly mistake" sticking with him.

A full 365 days ago a Cyrus confidante told Gossip Cop the claim was false, noting how Hemsworth frequently spends money on his fiancee. Still, we went back now to a number of sources, who each reiterated how 100 percent wrong that story was. In fact, Billy Ray Cyrus's rep was happy to go on the record this time to correct the misconception. His spokesperson says any assertion that Cyrus is Hemsworth's "cash cow" and that the family is nervous is entirely "untrue."

Actually, several months after OK!'s bogus story, for Cyrus's birthday, Hemsworth bought her an expensive gold and bejeweled necklace that had her nickname for him, "Lili." An overly appreciative Cyrus posted several messages on social media, featuring the rainbow-gemmed necklace and messages, including "My man killin the game already! This is just pressie #1! Thank you LiLi! @LiamHemsworth."

In the intervening 12 months since that story about Hemsworth and Cyrus, of course the two are still together and the tabloid hasn't gotten much more accurate with its reporting about them. For instance, after the magazine published a cover story that claimed Cyrus and Hemsworth had a secret wedding in Georgia, we fact-checked with a clerk at the Chatham County Probate Court who confirmed they didn't get married on Tybee Island, as falsely maintained. To recap, the article from a year ago about Cyrus being Hemsworth's "cash cow" was and remains to this day nothing more than bull.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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