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Miley Cyrus is not acting out to get Liam Hemsworth's attention, despite a ridiculous tabloid story. Gossip Cop looked into the claim. We've found it to be untrue.

Cyrus and Hemsworth announced their separation in August after roughly eight months of marriage. Cyrus was later spotted spending time with actress Kaitlynn Carter. The two only had a brief romantic relationship before ending it earlier this month.

Star alleges that the pop star's behavior "seems to be growing increasingly erratic" lately, concerning her loved ones. "Friends fear that Miley's gone off the deep end, because she's all over the place," an anonymous source tells the magazine. "Her weight has plummeted, and she's hitting the party scene," causing friends to supposedly urge the singer "to seek help before it's too late."

The outlet then claims that Cyrus started spiraling out of control towards the end of the summer, following a performance at a music festival. "By August," the tabloid writes, "Miley was posting half-naked selfies on Instagram," which supposedly had friends and fans worried about her appearance. Cyrus was later spotted kissing Carter in public, and according to the magazine, "many friends viewed both these moves as cries for attention." The magazine or its source don't clarify how Cyrus was crying for attention when the photos of her spending time with Carter were sneaky paparazzi shots.

"Everyone thought Miley would calm her ways when she married Liam," the supposed source says, "but when things turned sour, she started acting out." The questionable insider adds that the singer's friends "assumed it was because they were fighting and she wanted attention, but there seems to be more to it."

The suspicious tipster goes on to say that Cyrus was "telling everyone she was madly in love" with Carter, but Carter called it off regardless. "She's starting to miss Liam and has tried reaching out to him, but he refuses to have anything to do with her."

All of these outlandish claims are based on mistruths and straight-up lies. The outlet's example of Cyrus' previous wild streak? A concertgoer apparently said she was "wild" on stage while she was performing. Call us old-fashioned, but we generally expect festival shows to be at least somewhat lively, so we're not entirely sure what point Star is trying to make with that comment.

Furthermore, there's no validity to the claims involving Cyrus' friends or her selfies on Instagram. The singer has always been pretty liberal with the photos she uploads on Instagram, and she's posted a number of what could be called risque photos in the months and years before her break-up, not just in August. Almost all of Cyrus' photos have loving comments from her friends with no signs of concern or worry.

The tabloid also fails to mention the recent string of photos Cyrus has posted, which include her rafting with her family, meeting baby goats and visiting a pumpkin patch — not exactly signs of a "downward spiral." Photos of the "party scene" that Cyrus is supposedly immersed in are suspiciously absent from her feed. In fact, she seems to be primarily spending her time seeing her family and working in the recording studio.

This isn't even the first time Star has mischaracterized Cyrus' social media account. In July 2018, the outlet was busy swearing that Cyrus had deleted all of the photos on her Instagram out of embarrassment and a desire to "settle down and start a family." In reality, she had simply cleared off her Instagram to promote her new music. The tabloid has no idea what the pop star's social media activity means and, for all intents and purposes, seems to just be shaming the star for being comfortable with her appearance.

Gossip Cop has addressed this narrative about Cyrus' health being in jeopardy following the split multiple times. Earlier this week, we debunked the National Enquirer's piece about Cyrus "wasting away" following both of her recent splits. We also tackled rumors about Cyrus begging Hemsworth to take her back when NW came up with same phony scenario this week. The tabloids are simply trying to capitalize on the interest in Cyrus' high-profile relationships, but all they've done is reveal their record of exaggeration and inaccuracy. A trusted source close to Cyrus tells us the singer has "never been healthier in her life."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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