Miley Cyrus Proven Right About Jupiter – Saturn Tattoo (PHOTO)

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Miley Cyrus Jupiter Tattoo Saturn

By Shari Weiss |

Miley Cyrus Jupiter Tattoo Saturn


Miley Cyrus was widely mocked this week for supposedly getting the wrong planet tattooed on her arm, but she’s having the last laugh.

A few days ago, Cyrus debuted the new ink on her left arm: A planet with a ring around it (see right). She wrote in the Instagram caption, “#lilbbjupiter.” Almost immediately, though she was called out, as the artwork appeared to depict Saturn, NOT Jupiter, due to the ring.

That led to widespread jokes about Cyrus and her new tattoo on blogs and social media, many of which accused her of being too stupid to know the difference between the planets and now being stuck with a permanent mistake on her body. But, as Time editor Jeffrey Kluger points out, Cyrus was not wrong to call her planet with a ring around it Jupiter.

In a story posted Friday, Kluger explains that Jupiter does actually have rings around it, four to be exact, but they are less pronounced than Saturn’s and weren’t discovered until 1979. “You can make fun of Miley all you want for calling a ringed planet Jupiter, but guess what: Jupiter does have rings. And so does Uranus and so does Neptune,” he writes.

Kluger goes on, “Call them anything you want, but the rings are there, astronomers know they’re there — and they’ve known since 13 years before Miley Cyrus was even born. It’s entirely possible Miley wasn’t thinking about the Amalthea gossamer ring and the history of the Voyager probes when she posted her picture.”

That said, though, he concludes, “But sorry snarkers and haters, this time Miley may know something you don’t. So, nice tat Miley, and if you’re considering another one, I vote for l’il baby Pluto. That guy’s just adorable.”

An appreciative Cyrus caught wind of the defense late Friday night, and posted a screengrab of the article on Instagram. Her caption this time: “HAAAAAA.” See below.


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