Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson “Tension” On “The Voice” Erupting?

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Miley Cyrus Jennifer Hudson Tension

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Miley Cyrus Jennifer Hudson Tension

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Is “tension” between Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson “erupting” on “The Voice” set? That’s the nonsense being spread by one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop can reveal the story is completely untrue.

“‘The Voice’ Drama! Tension Erupts Between Miley And J-Hud,” reads the headline of this false article from Life & Style, which alleges that although the two coaches “seem chummy” on camera, “behind the scenes, tensions are flaring.” According to the tabloid, co-stars Adam Levine and Blake Shelton actually “inadvertently sparked trouble between the two women” when they “teased” Cyrus about her on-and-off engagement to Liam Hemsworth. “Miley wasn’t in a good mood and is just over them teasing her about Liam,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying.

This supposed source claims to the gossip magazine that, “to shift the focus,” Cyrus “said that they should be asking Jennifer about her long engagement,” a comment the Oscar winner allegedly overheard. “The room immediately got tense,” contends the purported tipster. “Jennifer looked Miley right in the eye and told her to never mention her private life again.”

It’s telling, though, that the outlet never says when this incident allegedly occurred, nor are any other examples provided to substantiate the assertion that there’s “drama.” There’s reasons for that. The current season of “The Voice” is still airing the pre-taped episodes that were filmed over the summer. The show will not go live for a few more weeks. That means Levine, Shelton, Cyrus and Hudson haven’t all been together on the show’s set in months. So, when did this “tension” supposedly “erupt”? It couldn’t have happened now, since they’re not currently working together, and if it happened over the summer, why is the tabloid first reporting about it so long after?

Furthermore, when the two singers were together for those summer tapings and promo shoots, they shared behind-the-scenes photos and videos on social media that showed off their growing bond. Cyrus posted video of Hudson singing back in late June, and Cyrus later shared the above photo in early August. (NOTE: The video and photo are no longer available after Cyrus deleted her Instagram posts.) And for her part, as they worked together in June, Hudson posted an Instagram tribute celebrating Cyrus and their “girl power.” There was clearly no “tension” “erupting” during production earlier this year and, again, this season’s production has yet to resume for the live shows.

The timing of this story’s publication, along with the magazine’s inability to give a date for this supposed dispute or additional examples of “drama,” as well as the fact that it goes against documented evidence of Cyrus and Hudson’s collegial relationship, all indicate that the contentions were actually manufactured. Sources on both sides also tell Gossip Cop on background that no such incident like the one described ever took place, though the coaches do have a tendency to jokingly rib each other. It seems, though, that Life & Style just wanted to pit the two women against each other, as if Hollywood doesn’t do that enough already with female stars.

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