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Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson are not in an "explosive feud," despite a sensational report about "The Voice" co-stars. Gossip Cop can confirm the story was actually made up, and we can point out the false claims that fill up the untrue article.

"Dueling Divas! Inside Miley Cyrus & Jennifer Hudson's EXPLOSIVE Feud On 'The Voice,'" RadarOnline is dramatically announcing on Thursday. The webloid writes that "tapings just started for NBC's hit singing reality competition show," but "there is already a nasty backstage battle brewing between returning judge Miley Cyrus and her rookie counterpart, Jennifer Hudson." The site goes on, "According to a production insider the two are at each other's throats after Hudson said she is going to 'win no matter what it takes.'" That's the first red flag. Every coach wants to "win no matter what it takes," and the panelists usually say as much each season. That doesn't mean there's a feud on a person level.

The piece goes on to assert Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys "stirred up some serious drama last season," and now Cyrus and Hudson "are going to turn the drama up a notch!" That's the second red flag. Stefani and Keys were never in a feud, and there was never any drama between them. That was a lie manufactured by the outlet earlier this year. Still, the online publication now quotes its supposed source as saying, "They started taping for season 13 almost two weeks ago and there is already some serious shade between Jennifer and Miley. Jennifer is a total loudmouth and thinks that, because she starred on 'The Voice U.K.' already, that she owns the place."

The webloid then contends, "As fans know, Cyrus was involved in a nasty feud for the past couple of seasons with [Blake] Shelton's girlfriend. And the fact that Cyrus replaced Stefani this season surely has not helped the situation at all! Luckily for the 'Malibu' pop star, she has a new gal-pal to slang shade with." That is the third red flag. Just like the site made up "drama" between Stefani and Keys, it also falsified at least three feud stories about Cyrus and the No Doubt singer, including one that ridiculously claimed Stefani was threatening to leave the show.

Here, the outlet also goes on to quote a purported "NBC insider," who supposedly claims, "Miley already cannot tolerate Jennifer and she thinks that she does not deserve to be on the panel to begin with." This alleged tipster further maintains Hudson and Cyrus "have already had it out," but adds, "Jennifer is not backing down to anyone." That's the fourth red flag. The two singers have "had it out," yet the publication provides no details. Was there an on-set argument? A dispute in their trailer? What was said? How did it end?

None of those questions are answered. Also missing from this tale, and this is the fifth red flag, are all the times Cyrus and Hudson have gushed about each other on social media over the last month. It's like RadarOnline crafted this article without even bothering to look at their Twitter and Instagram pages, which show Cyrus and Hudson actually adore one another. The webloid also didn't mention that it previously claimed Hudson was feuding with Kelly Clarkson, who will be a judge on "The Voice" next year.

Here's what's really going on: Every season, the site crafts a feud or diva narrative involving the coaches. Past iterations, which can be seen in the Gossip Cop archives, have included Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera. Never has reality matched those reports. And it doesn't match this one, either, as this is yet again another made-up feud. Oh, and by the way, tapings for the upcoming season didn't start "almost two weeks ago." Hudson shared the below video via Instagram on June 30, nearly a full month ago. There's your sixth red flag. Ridiculous.

The things that goes on behind the cameras @mileycyrus @nbcthevoice

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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