Miley Cyrus Inducts Joan Jett Into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Says She Wants To Have Sex With Her — WATCH VIDEO!

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Miley Cyrus Joan Jett Induction

By Shari Weiss |

Miley Cyrus Joan Jett Induction

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Miley Cyrus wants to have sex with Joan Jett. The pop star made the announcement during her one-of-a-kind speech on Saturday inducting Jett into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. See videos below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Cyrus was one of the dozens of celebrities who traveled to Cleveland for the event, and in the hours before the ceremony, she showed her support for Jett by wearing nipple pasties with “J” on them. When Cyrus took the stage before the star-studded crowd, she announced, “I’m gonna start off this induction with the first time I wanted to have sex with Joan Jett.” She explained, “We were doing Oprah together, and I went up to Joan’s hotel room. Joan opens the door, and I come in, and Kenny Laguna is laying in bed. I don’t know what the f*ck is going on. There’s towels shoved underneath all the door cracks, shower caps around all the smoke detectors. Joan is running around spraying orange-smelling cleaner to mask the smell of the pot”

“The [Oprah] show was where new artists got to perform with their idols, and I wanted to perform with Joan, of course. And we were in her bathroom, and we were smoking and just talking, and this was one of the moments in my life where I wanted to be as present and absorb everything that she said to me,” continued Cyrus. “I listened to her talk about her days with the Runaways. She talked about music. She talked about why she loves animals, and she doesn’t want to eat them. I was getting to have this moment with someone that, to me, is Superwoman. What Superwoman really should be.”

Cyrus acknowledged, “At first, having to induct Joan Jett in the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was overwhelming. There was so much that I could say and she just had her life in music that is rare. She’s had a career that’s decades long. She’s been the first of many things and not just as a woman, but just as a badass being on the planet.” Cyrus went on to recount other examples that solidified her love for Jett, and said, “I know her less as a deity, but now I have this connection, and I have this connection with her that she can be a guide for me. Growing up, my dad [Billy Ray Cyrus] always kept me around music, and I spent a lot of time with all different artists. But I know there isn’t one other person on this planet that’s been an inspiration to me like you have.”

“Joan’s music, her activism, who she is. In all of our lives, all of us are going to experience people who try to tell us who to be and what to be. F*ck those people! Instead of changing for all those people, if you don’t like how the world is, change it yourself. She made the world evolve, her life and her success is proof that we can self-evolve,” said Cyrus, before concluding, “I want to thank you for fighting for our freedom, Joan, and I love you so much.”

Cyrus, who at one point threw up her middle fingers to the crowd, also got to perform with Jett, doing a cover of “Crimon & Clover.” Jett, who was inducted with the Blackhearts, also performed “Bad Reputation” and “Cherry Bomb” to open the show. Meanwhile, Fall Out Boy inducted Green Day, and John Mayer was on hand to induct the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. Patti Smith gave an emotional tribute to Lou Reed, with his late wife accepting his induction.

Paul McCartney to support Ringo Starr, who became of the last of the Beatles to earn an individual induction. And one of the night’s biggest surprises was Bill Withers actually performing with John Legend after an induction from Stevie Wonder. Everyone also came together at the end to sing “With a Little Help From My Friends” and “I Wanna Be Your Man.” Fans will get to watch it all go down during a special airing on HBO on May 30. Check out clips of Cyrus below! NOTE: Some of the videos are no longer available.


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