Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson are not "fighting backstage" at "The Voice," despite a fake news story. Gossip Cop can correct this nonsense. We're told it's "untrue."

MediaTakeOut, which absurdly claimed last year that Hudson got a facelift, now alleges the former "American Idol" singer and Oscar-winner almost got into a physical altercation with Cyrus when they two began production on Season 13 of "The Voice" earlier this week. The often discredited website writes, "Jennifer tried to put hands on Miley." The outlet then reiterates Cyrus and Hudson "nearly got to fighting on the set" before maintaining, "The two ladies, who are both known to be divas, can't seem to get along."

According to MediaFakeOut, as it is known, "Things got so bad that Jennifer had to be 'held back' from fighting." The repeatedly wrong site adds, "To Miley's credit, she did not seem intimidated by the much bigger Jennifer." The outlet then includes text messages that is says a MTO reader received from a producer of "The Voice." None of it, of course, was verified with either of Hudson or Cyrus's reps or sources close to the singers.

In any event, the webloid alleges Hudson snapped at Cyrus, " I worked hard to be successful. I didn't have a family in the industry. I did it all on my own with no advantages." Cyrus allegedly shot back that having her father, Billy Ray, in show business was a "disadvantage because he had like one hit single that wasn't even taken seriously." The site's reader, who has no proof of any real confrontation between the two new coaches on "The Voice," claims Cyrus supposedly told Hudson, "I did everything by myself, and my dad didn't even want me to be in the industry."

Here's what Gossip Cop has learned. There was no fight. There was never a moment the two women even come close to hitting one another. And no one had to be held back. It's all fake news.

We're told viewers can expect Cyrus and Hudson to be teasing each other, as well as Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, as they vie for singers to join their teams, but the two ladies adore each other. Any talk of them being unfriendly is a lie and fake news. A source connected to the show exclusively assures Gossip Cop the MTO story is entirely "untrue." And a rep for Hudson similarly tells us the article is "completely false."

Actually, contrary to the site's claims, Hudson posted a photo on Instagram (below) on Thursday of Cyrus wearing a hat with "JHud" emblazoned on it, along with a message that read, "Thank u @mileycyrus for the team Jhud love! I can't wait to rock your stuff too!" Hudson added in the caption, "U r great at what u do," and noted that it was "cool to sit beside u and learn from u and work with and joke u and hang with u! #girlpower." Gossip Cop has also reached out to a rep for Cyrus.

Jennifer Hudson fight Miley Cyrus

(Instagram/Jennifer Hudson)

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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