Miley Cyrus’ Mom, Boyfriend Cody Simpson Forced Her Into Rehab?

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Miley Cyrus on the cover of NW in a story about going to rehab

By Hugh Scott |

Miley Cyrus on the cover of NW in a story about going to rehab


Miley Cyrus was not sent to rehab by her mother, Tish, or her boyfriend, Cody Simpson. The tabloid claiming that’s the case is incorrect. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

Cyrus underwent surgery on her vocal cords in early November, and as part of the recovery, the singer is not allowed to use her voice for weeks. For a few weeks after the surgery, Cyrus was also quiet on social media, which is rare for the star. The tabloids seized on the opportunity to fabricate all kinds of reasons why the singer went radio silent, and NW is no exception. In a poorly-timed story this week, the publication claims Cryus’ mom and her boyfriend forced her to go to rehab. Unfortunately for the tabloid, Cyrus has been very active on Instagram for the last couple of weeks, and she’s definitely not in a treatment center.

In the months leading up to the surgery, Cyrus had been as active as ever on Instagram, sharing multiple posts and stories, often with her new boyfriend, Simpson. Then, all went quiet, and according to the outlet’s so-called “well-placed insider,” it’s because “she’s been off the rails for so long and something very serious had to be done because Miley’s spiraling into dangerous territory.” This supposed insider goes on, “Miley’s habit of boozing and drugging is taking a toll on her, even though she insists she’s sober.” The tabloid and the questionable source assert that it is Tish and Simpson who made the call to send Cyrus to rehab. As the “insider” tells it, “Cody recognized her mood swings, erratic ways and desperate need for attention meant that she was on the edge of a full-scale meltdown.”

The magazine mentions Cyrus’ social media habits, explaining that she had posted a lot of videos before her surgery, but the real reason she hasn’t posted since is that the surgery was just a cover for a stint in rehab. The publication has it all wrong though. After a couple of weeks of lying low, Cyrus has been back on Instagram in a big way. It started with a series of stories on her 27th birthday on November 23, with Simpson joining her and the rest of her family, presumably in Nashville where she has been recovering. It has continued unabated ever since, with snaps of her and Simpson hanging out with Billy Idol and other photos of the couple together. She has even mentioned how she is using an app to communicate as she is still staying silent, on doctor’s orders.

NW has certainly been wrong about the couple before before. In early November, the magazine claimed Cyrus and Simpson were engaged. That article was filled with little details meant to trick readers into believing the made-up premise, like how Simpson supposedly popped the question. Gossip Cop confirmed the story was bogus after checking with our own source close to the singer.

The tabloid also alleged Cyrus was in love with Kristen Stewart in a recent phony report. That article claimed the singer was “devastated” when she heard Stewart was hoping to marry in girlfriend, Dylan Meyer. None of the claims were true, of course, nor did the paper ever mention anything about rehab, despite claiming to have a source in the know. This latest take on Cyrus’ personal life is equally baseless.


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