Miley Cyrus’ Friends Telling Her To Dump Cody Simpson Because He’s Using Her?

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Miley Cyrus in a black dress on the red carpet, Cody Simpson in a gray coat

By Brianna Morton |

Miley Cyrus in a black dress on the red carpet, Cody Simpson in a gray coat

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Are Miley Cyrus’ friends urging her to dump Cody Simpson because he’s using her? That’s what one tabloid is reporting. Gossip Cop can settle the matter and debunk this sham rumor.

Cyrus and Simpson were first romantically linked in early October 2019. By Thanksgiving, their romance seemed more official, with Simpson attending the Cyrus family Thanksgiving dinner. But now Life & Style is reporting that Cyrus’ friends are becoming suspicious of Simpson’s intentions with the pop star and urging her to dump him. The tabloid points to an incident where Simpson was allegedly caught kissing another woman as the act that caused Cyrus’ friends to turn against the Australian singer. Cyrus was apparently willing to ignore that slip up, but her friends aren’t as forgiving.

There are also accusations that Simpson is just using Cyrus as a way to increase his name recognition and boost his fame. Says one so-called source, “Cody has a good thing going for himself by hanging out with Miley – he’s more famous now than ever, and she recognizes that.” Despite Cyrus realizing Simpson could have ulterior motives for wanting a relationship with her, she’s not moved by her friends’ pleas. “Miley’s pretty stubborn, even when her friends are telling her to run,” the alleged insider continues. “If she wants to dump Cody, she’ll do it on her own terms, not because of anybody else.” This “source” has a lot of insight into the situation, but something tells us they don’t have the whole story.

Of course, this narrative is totally fabricated. A reliable source close to Cyrus spoke with Gossip Cop and informed us there’s “zero truth” to this rumor. A quick search of the couples’ Instagram pages revealed a video posted on January 9th to Simpson’s account where Simpson, filmed by Cyrus, reveals the art from his upcoming album. The two seem playful and in love, which doesn’t fit the narrative that tabloid is trying to force them into.

This isn’t the first time Life & Style has gotten details of Cyrus’ romantic life totally wrong. Back in September, the tabloid claimed Cyrus and then romantic partner Kaitlynn Carter were looking to buy a “love nest” together. It’s easy for Gossip Cop to bust this rumor now, since the singer and the reality star have since split. At the time, we reached out to our sources connected to Cyrus, who were able to assure us it wasn’t true. The tabloids know the public has a lot of interest in Cyrus’ love life, so they choose to exploit that interest in order to get more eyes on their phony stories. There are no insight or facts included.


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