Miley Cyrus Begging Liam Hemsworth To Take Her Back?

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miley cyrus begging liam hemsworth

By Hugh Scott |

miley cyrus begging liam hemsworth


Miley Cyrus is not begging Liam Hemsworth to take her back, contrary to a tabloid story this week. The premise simply isn’t true. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

NW is reporting that Cyrus, who split from Hemsworth in August, has “seen the error of her ways” and is “desperate” for The Hunger Games star to “take her back.” The publication alleges that in the days since Cyrus ended her short-lived romance with Kaitlynn Carter, the singer has “gone back with her tail between her legs asking Liam to give her a second chance.”

According to the unreliable outlet, Cyrus has been texting Hemsworth repeatedly in recent days with pleas to reconcile. An alleged insider says the entire “Hemsworth clan” is worried about the situation, including the actor’s older brother Chris. “Chris knows how easily Liam gets sucked back in with Miley,” says the supposed source. “It’s frustrating to everyone that Miley can’t just let him heal. If she thinks she made a mistake, too bad! Nobody wants to hear about it.”

Nothing about the tabloid’s report is remotely accurate. Cyrus hasn’t spent the past week repeatedly texting Hemsworth. The singer has been on vacation with her sister Brandi and her mother Tish at Lake Powell, which straddles the border of Utah and Arizona. Cyrus has posted extensively about the trip on Instagram, sharing several photos of herself enjoying the scenic views. The singer is smiling and clearly having a nice time on her family getaway.

Meanwhile, a source close to Cyrus assured Gossip Cop last week that she’s “doing great” in the wake of her split. We were told this after NW published a similarly inaccurate cover story about Cyrus being on a “deadly divorce diet. The outlet alleged she was consuming only  “booze and weed,” a bogus claim that’s repeated in this latest phony article. We once again checked in with our reliable insider, who assures us Cyrus is still doing well and hasn’t begged Hemsworth to reconcile.

Additionally, E! News reported last week that Cyrus is “hitting the reset button” following her splits from both Hemsworth and Carter. The reliable outlet noted that the singer is “ready to focus on herself” and plans to spend her time concentrating on new music instead of romance. People magazine, another trusted source for celebrity news, similarly reported that Cyrus is “looking forward to being single again” following her recent breakups. The idea that she’s desperately trying to win back Hemsworth is baseless.


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