Miley Cyrus Had Baby Bump At Grammys?

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Miley Cyrus Baby Bump Grammys

By Shari Weiss |

Miley Cyrus Baby Bump Grammys

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Did Miley Cyrus have a baby bump at the Grammys? That’s what one tabloid suspects. Gossip Cop, however, can bust the speculative claim.

The new issue of OK! Australia puts Cyrus on “bump watch,” asking, “Is that a baby bump we spy?” Alongside photos of the singer at the Grammy Awards last weekend, the gossip magazine asserts the singer “opted for a tight-fitting jumpsuit for her first Grammys outfit, with the star sporting a slightly rounder tum than usual.” On stage, the outlet contends Cyrus “then showed off her curves in a stunning voluminous gown.” It all prompts the publication to ask, “A mini Miley and Liam Hemsworth, perhaps?”

But wearing a puffy gown is in no way evidence that a woman is pregnant. The design is popular simply because women like the look, not necessarily because it can cover up a possible baby bump. Cyrus also wore a baggy dress on “The Voice” last November. It was a style statement, not a pregnancy disguise.

As for the “slightly rounder tum” Cyrus was supposedly showing off on the red carpet, the Aussie tabloid purposely chose a picture in which the pop star is angled and bending backward (see below). That positioning, with her shoulders leaned back, caused her mid-section to protrude. Video footage posted on Cyrus’ Instagram shows that her stomach area was completely flat when she stood normally. (NOTE: Video is no longer available after Cyrus deleted her Instagram posts.)

This is second time in less than three months that Cyrus’ pose has led to wrong speculation about a baby bump. The former child star was also leaning back with her stomach sticking out in a photo she shared on social media around Thanksgiving. After a number of sites, including HollywoodLife, inaccurately jumped to the conclusion that she was pregnant, Cyrus called the assumptions “RUDE!!!”

Like OK! down under, HollywoodLife also speculated about baby bumps at the Grammy Awards. The blog focused on Rihanna, highlighting random tweets that theorized the performer was expecting. And just like with Cyrus, the purported proof was that she supposedly had a “fuller” appearance. The online publication even asked its readers, “Do you think Rihanna is pregnant?”

Of course, real journalists investigate and find the answers; they don’t go looking to consumers to do reporting for them. And so we fact-checked and were able to confirm Rihanna did not have a baby on the way. We can now similarly confirm that Cyrus does not have a baby on board either. Perhaps the gossip media just has fertile imaginations, but everyone would be a lot better off if judgments about women’s bodies just stopped altogether.

Miley Cyrus Bump Grammy Awards

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