Mila Kunis Told Ashton Kutcher “No Sexy Nannies” Following Ben Affleck Scandal?

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Mila Kunis Sexy Nanny Ashton Kutcher

By Andrew Shuster |

Mila Kunis Sexy Nanny Ashton Kutcher

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Mila Kunis did NOT tell Ashton Kutcher that she refuses to hire any “sexy nannies” to care for their baby daughter Wyatt, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We’re told the story is just “absurd.”

According to the National Enquirer, following the recent (untrue) allegations that Ben Affleck cheated on Jennifer Garner with their kids’ attractive nanny, Kunis is supposedly “determined not to make the same mistake” of hiring a young and pretty caretaker. A so-called “insider” tells the tabloid, “Mila thinks Jen was asking for it when she hired a hot nanny. She’s going back to work, and she wants to remove any temptations from Ashton.”

The tabloid’s supposed “source” goes on to claim Kunis is only seeking “granny nannies” to look after her and Kutcher’s one-year-old daughter, in addition to “making sure Wyatt’s nanny is anything but catwalk material.” But nothing about this rather ridiculous tale is true. A source close to Kunis exclusively tells Gossip Cop the report is simply “absurd.”

Gossip Cop has repeatedly corrected the Enquirer for making up stories about Kunis and Kutcher. Among the many far-fetched tales we’ve busted was one that claimed Kutcher’s ex-wife Demi Moore was constantly calling him, asking for updates about Wyatt. Another false story the tabloid published that Gossip Cop corrected was that Kunis and Kutcher were rushing their daughter into practicing Kabbalah. Much like those reports, this new supposed nanny drama is similarly false.


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