Mila Kunis Mocks Chicken Lawsuit After Getting Sued By Supposed Former Friend Kristina Karo — WATCH VIDEO!

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Mila Kunis Chicken Lawsuit Video

By Shari Weiss |

Mila Kunis Chicken Lawsuit Video


Mila Kunis is mocking a lawsuit against her by a supposed former friend who is very upset about a chicken that was allegedly stolen… 25 years ago. Check out the video below.

Kristina Karo claims she and Kunis were childhood friends in the Ukraine, and alleges the future actress stole one of her pet chickens named Doggie. Karo says she was so brokenhearted, she had to go to therapy, and now, more than two decades later later, the traumatic pain supposedly came back following a move to Los Angeles, where Kunis, of course, now resides. Karo is now accusing Kunis of affecting her dream to become a singer, and suing Kunis for emotional distress and the cost of more therapy, a total of $5,000.

In a hilarious video response, Kunis and husband Ashton Kutcher make fun of Karo’s lawsuit making headlines, pointing out that the timeline of the claims don’t make sense at all because Karo actually would’ve been only one month old at the time. Kunis then sarcastically notes how it’s just “accidental” that Karo is suing at the same time she’s releasing a new music video for a song that’s, no joke, called “Give Me A Green Card.” The star goes on to joke that she was “devastated” and “weeping” upon finding out about the suit.

Kunis further says she’s “dumbfounded” over it all, and acknowledges she hasn’t actually received any legal papers. “But emotionally I feel served,” she tells Kutcher. She then announces, “I would like to launch a counter $5,000 lawsuit for making me watch your video shamelessly. My body hurts. My eyes hurt. They’re burning. That requires money.”

And, for the record, Kunis calls herself a “chicken advocate,” and insists she “would never steal someone else’s chicken.” Kutcher then amusingly adds that believes Kunis, as he knows her “pretty well.” Watch below, and tell us what think you. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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