Did Mila Kunis Confirm Ashton Kutcher Marriage On Late Late Show with James Corden? (VIDEO)

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Mila Kunis James Corden Video

By Daniel Gates |

Mila Kunis James Corden Video


Are Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher already married? Our nation’s greatest mystery took another turn on Monday, when the actress appeared on the premiere of “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” The host tried to get a direct answer out of Kunis and was unsuccessful, although a number of outlets are interpreting her response as a confirmation that she and Kutcher wed. Watch the video below.

In the clip, Corden asks Kunis, “Are you married? Did you get married?” She replies, “I don’t know. Maybe.” The host persists, “Oh, come on! No one’s ‘maybe’ married. You’ve either got married or you haven’t got married. Have you got married?” The actress deflects again, saying, “Maybe.”

“That’s a yes as far as I’m concerned,” says Corden, demanding to examine Kunis’ ring finger. When he looks at her hand, Corden declares, “Oh, you got married! They got married!” As the crowd cheers, Kunis laughs but doesn’t really give a real answer one way or the other.

Monday’s “confirmation” is not substantively different than Kunis’ evasive response to similar questions during an “Ellen DeGeneres Show” appearance last month. At the time, DeGeneres asked Kunis whether a New Year’s message Kutcher had posted from “The Kutchers” meant the couple was married. Kunis smiled and giggled, saying, “I don’t know.” Much like Corden, DeGeneres seemed puzzled by why the answer was such a secret.

Gossip Cop has repeatedly been told by sources in recent months that the Kunis-Kutcher marriage rumor is nothing more than that. However, her rep has time and again not commented. And Kunis’ coyness (rather than flat denial) seems to indicate that there could be truth to the speculation. But until she or Kutcher gives a real answer, it will have to remain unconfirmed. Watch the video of Kunis below, and tell us what you think.


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