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Mila Kunis' distinct appearance has landed her on dozens of lists of the most attractive people in Hollywood, but not everyone thinks so positively of her. The tabloids seem to have settled on a recurring theme of attacking the actress and mother for her physical appearance by claiming she seems ill or tired for some made-up reason. These are just a few of the untrue rumors about Kunis' health and appearance Gossip Cop has busted.

Last December, NW published a piece about Kunis losing weight in the midst of marriage problems with Ashton Kutcher. The tabloid claimed the actress "looked utterly miserable" and seemed to have "lost a lot of weight" after she and her husband were photographed out and about with their kids. The outlet's unidentified source said she had a "gaunt and sad appearance" as a result of her stress over "jealousy and trust issues" with her husband.

Gossip Cop checked in with Kunis' spokesperson, who dismissed the claims as fiction. Kunis' appearance and health have remained relatively steady for the past few years, and she by no means looked ill or worried in any public appearance. More reliable celebrity outlets only had positive things to say about the actress's marriage, and there's no evidence of the two suddenly fighting or arguing.

This past February, the Globe accused Kunis of looking too "dumpy" and run-down to get any more movie roles. The tabloid argued that although Kunis used to be seen as "'the' hot siren," she's "been up all night for one too many nights" after the birth of her two children. The outlet's unnamed source called the actress "droopy, dumpy and plain," adding that she "really let herself go." Her husband, meanwhile, felt "relieved" that Kunis wasn't getting parts since that translated to more time with the kids, but he still wanted her to "take better care of herself."

The whole thing was just a cruel hit piece against the actress. Kunis' appearance on recent red carpets and interviews immediately countered any claims of her seeming run-down or "dumpy." The actress was just as lively as ever, and her own rep told us she wasn't having any trouble landing roles based on her looks. The tabloid simply tried to paint her break between projects as a slight against her.

In May, Star claimed Kunis was "wasting away" in the midst of a divorce. According to unnamed "insiders," friends feared the actress was losing weight as she battled problems in her marriage. The sources alleged the actress wasn't able to eat since her "stomach's been in knots" after learning that Kutcher's ex-wife, Demi Moore, was writing a tell-all book that would include details about the actor's prior marriage. It was further alleged that Kunis and her husband were fighting "over their fundamental personality differences" and Kutcher's lack of attention towards her.

However, Kunis' spokesperson went on record with Gossip Cop to clarify that the actress was not undergoing any health or marriage problems whatsoever and had no concerns about Moore's book. We also pointed that Kunis has spoken about how she and her husband already told each other everything about their past relationships and faults before they got married, so it's nonsensical to claim she'd be worried. Since neither of the causes of her alleged health issues existed, there was no "wasting away," and any photo of Kunis outside of a tabloid would make it clear she looks perfectly healthy. Once again, it was evident this was just another baseless attack against the actress.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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