An article about how Mila Kunis is "thrilled" ex-boyfriend Macaulay Culkin is "happy and healthy" was made up. It is part of one webloid's pattern of twisting real news into fake news by fabricating reaction stories. Allow Gossip Cop to explain what's going on.

Culkin was recently spotted out looking arguably better than he has in years. Now HollywoodLife is using that to spin a tale about former girlfriend Kunis' reaction. "Mila Kunis Thrilled Ex Macaulay Culkin Is Happy & Healthy After Rough Patch: 'He Looks Great,'" reads the headline of this manufactured piece. The serial fabricators write, " Ever since their untimely breakup, Mila and Macaulay have rarely spoken of their relationship. However, when the Home Alone actor stepped out in LA on July 24, he turned heads, including his ex's!... And, a source EXCLUSIVELY told that Mila thought he never looked better!"

So, after noting Culkin and Kunis have "rarely spoken" about their relationship, HollywoodLies wants readers to believe it knows "how Mila reacted" to his "whole new look" thanks to a "source." "She is glad that her ex is looking good and healthy," the webloid quotes this supposed snitch as saying. "And, she thinks the picture that went around showed him at his best and Mila thinks he looked great." This alleged tipster is also sure to note, "Mila is perfectly happy with Ashton [Kutcher]. But, Mila has to give credit, where credit is due."

But this isn't really about Kunis giving Culkin "credit" for looking well. It's about HollywoodLies taking a hot topic from the past week and pretending to have "exclusive" insight about it. And the site even did so while admitting that Kunis "rarely" speaks of her ex. And yet this dubious outlet, of all places, is the one publication that learned of her reaction to the new photos? As it turns out, our skepticism was well-placed, as Gossip Cop is told that no one legitimately close to Kunis is telling HollywoodLies her feelings on Culkin or anything else.

This, however, is one of the webloid's signature moves. It routinely takes some piece of real news, large or small, and creates fake news around it, often by proclaiming to have inside knowledge on how a celebrity reacted to something. As an additional example, look no further than this other tale the site published today: "Robert Pattinson 'Happy' To Hear Kristen Stewart Truly Loved Him." As Gossip Cop pointed out earlier, that fake news was crafted in the wake of Stewart's new Harper's Bazaar UK interview.

HollywoodLies wanted readers to believe it knew Pattinson's reaction to the article, just like it wants readers to believe it knows Kunis' reaction to the photos of Culkin. Gossip Cop, however, is repeatedly assured that A-list stars like Pattinson and Kunis are not having those close to them speak with this untrustworthy blog. Remember, this is the same outlet that Selena Gomez called the "worst" and "never true." It's also the same publication that Justin Bieber deemed to be "untruthful" and "garbage." There is zero reason to believe HollywodLies', well, lies, even when they come off as well-meaning fan-fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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