Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been involved with one another since 2012 and have been married since 2015. Although the two have prioritized their privacy, the gossip media still hounds the stars. After Demi Moore, Kucher's ex-wife, announced she was writing Inside Out, an extremely open memoir, the tabloids latched onto the idea that this book would affect Kunis and Kutcher's marriage. This resulted in a series of fake rumors about Kunis' reaction in particular. Here are a few of those stories that Gossip Cop has busted.

Mila Kunis Wasting Away

In May, Star published a bogus cover story about Kunis "divorcing" Kutcher and "wasting away" after a "cheating bombshell" from Moore's memoir left her unable to eat. The actual story barely resembled the bold claims of the tabloid's cover. The magazine walked back their eye-grabbing statements about Kunis only consuming "coffee and green juice" to claiming that Kunis was merely "freaking out" about what might be in the book.

According to the article, the memoir could have possibly revealed that Kutcher was a "lousy cheat to his ex" — hardly a "cheating bombshell" considering it was entirely hypothetical. These fears compounded with "fundamental personality differences," the tabloid said, formed a rocky situation for the couple.

Gossip Cop ran the story by Kunis' spokesperson, who assured us the entire idea was incorrect. Kunis had no health issues or marriage problems, which time has reaffirmed. Plus, Kunis hasn't been shy about her love for her husband. She's done several interviews where she's made it clear that she's entirely aware of the details of Kutcher's divorce and still sees him as "the world's greatest husband."

Mila Kunis Wasting Away...Again

In July, the National Enquirer followed suit and claimed Kunis was "starving herself to death" on account of her supposedly troubled marriage and the impending "revelations" in Moore's book. Once again, the tabloid brought up the laughable line about Kunis "surviving on coffee and green juice." The outlet even dragged in a health expert who had never treated nor interacted with Kunis, but still maintained the actress was in desperate need of "nutrition and emotional support.

Once again, Gossip Cop checked with Kunis' spokesperson, who went on the record to tell us that it was "all untrue." The article failed to identify what exactly the marriage problems afflicting Kunis were, or how they impacted her marriage. Plus, Kunis and Kutcher had just posted a video mocking a separate rumor about the two splitting. The Enquirer either aped Star's story or had the same unreliable source — either way, both articles were total fiction.

Ashton Kutcher Causes A Dye Job

After the book's actual release, the Enquirer tried again, this time arguing that Kunis had dyed her hair blonde in some bizarre plot to keep Kutcher from cheating on her. Moore's memoir included allegations about Kutcher cheating during their marriage, which the tabloid cited as a reason why Kunis supposedly chose to pursue the alternative method of ensuring her husband's loyalty.

"Demi's comments have brought her insecurities about all the difficulties Mila and Ashton have had in their own marriage back to the surface," an anonymous "insider" told the tabloid. This apparently left her "insecure" and desperately needing to "give her image a boost." For some reason, the tabloid claimed Kunis thought the blond hair would "lock Ashton's attention on her."

The tabloid left out the fact that Kunis' hair was also dyed blue. It also missed the somewhat important detail that the dye job was for a movie role. It had absolutely nothing to with Kutcher, let alone Moore.

Tell-All Takedown For Demi Moore

Roughly a week later, Heat published a phony story about Kunis trying to get Kutcher to do a TV tell-all about his relationship with Moore as "revenge." According to an anonymous source, Kunis "would like to bring Demi down a peg or two for trying to destroy her family." The way the couple planned to do that, said the magazine, was to sit down with a major network, refute the claims in Moore's memoir, and then reveal a few secrets about Kutcher's marriage to Moore.

Although the tabloid gets a few points for a somewhat creative revenge plot, it's still total fiction. Kutcher has no plans to address any of the information in Inside Out, and Kunis has said that she and Kutcher know all of the details about their prior relationships and have moved on long ago. Heat's piece was just another in a string of attempts to capitalize on Inside Out, and it's just as false as the rest of these claims.

What's really going on with everyone

Most recently, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan to talk about how they're adapting to quarantine. The couple were in good spirits, thanking Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest for the change to get twenty minutes away from their kids before explaining what's getting them through self-isolation. 

"We're really lucky. We talk about this a lot, being in a position in life where we can work from home, we can afford to not have to go to work," Kutcher told them. "We're just really, really lucky, and I think our appreciation for that grows every single day and also our appreciation for the folks who have to continue to go to work during this and risking their lives to be on the frontline of this effort. We're just madly appreciative of our circumstances."

"Yeah, and we like each other," Kunis added with a smile. It was a cute segment that just serves as further proof of the couple's incredibly solid marriage. It's still funny to think that these rumors actually argued that a memoir would somehow collapse their relationship. 

As for Demi Moore, she's been doing just as well. While she's been safely self-isolating, she has been thinking heavily about her book. The actress posted a picture recently telling her fans that she missed being able to connect with them and their stories while she was on her book tour. After all, the whole point of the memoir was to tell people her story and connect with people who needed it — not to spite an ex. It's insulting that these tabloids would diminish Moore's hard and personal work as petty move, but Gossip Cop will continue to bust any other demeaning rumors.


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