Mila Kunis NOT “Betrayed” By Ashton Kutcher, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Mila Kunis Betrayed Ashton Kutcher January 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Mila Kunis Betrayed Ashton Kutcher January 2016


Mila Kunis was NOT “betrayed” by Ashton Kuthcher, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the claim. A rep confirms to us the story is almost entirely made up.

The new issue of OK!, which hit newsstands on Wednesday, accuses Kutcher of the “ultimate betrayal,” and claims a “scandal” has “shattered” Kunis’ “baby joy” and “ruined her happy news.” The premise of the story alleges Kunis was “betrayed” when Kutcher visited a Hollywood massage parlor last month. Though the magazine acknowledges that nothing inappropriate took place at the establishment, it’s nonetheless alleged Kunis became “very worked up.”

The outlet says Kutcher and Kunis’ “marriage was in a really good place” before his massage parlor visit, and she supposedly planned on telling him she was ready to have another child, but “his boneheaded decision may have derailed her baby plans.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “They’ve been ready for another for a while. This scandal came at a bad time.”

But despite the alarmist cover, OK! essentially does a bait-and-switch at the end of its piece. After suggesting that Kunis and Kutcher’s marriage is now in jeopardy due to the “scandal,” it wraps up by insisting the actress “will let it go.” The alleged tipster says, “She’s not the type to freak out and end a relationship over one minor transgression… They’re starting fresh in 2016.”

And there are more clues this article was nothing more than tabloid sensationalism. First off, this is the same publication that ran a cover story more than six months ago claiming Kunis was pregnant with twins. Gossip Cop exclusively busted that report, and not only were we right, but the magazine is essentially admitting it was wrong by claiming that just now Kunis wants another baby.

Second, in October the outlet ran another cover story about how Kunis and Kutcher’s marriage was “over already,” with the relationship falling apart 110 days after tying the knot. Again, Gossip Cop corrected the inaccurate claims, and now the new OK! piece says how they’ve actually been “in a good place.” The tabloid can’t keep its lies consistent, and doesn’t give a second thought to stretching the truth.

And the truth is this: Kutcher went to a massage palor. Kunis was not “betrayed.” They remain happily married. And a rep for Kunis exclusively assures Gossip Cop this “betrayal” claim is nothing more than bottom-feeding nonsense from a disreputable gossip rag.

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Mila Kunis has been betrayed by Ashton Kutcher.


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