Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are fighting over having a third child, according to a wrong tabloid report. The story claims the couple is at odds because she doesn't want more kids while he does. But Gossip Cop can reveal the truth.

"Mila & Ashton's Marriage Crisis: Their Biggest Fight Yet," reads a headline in NW. The magazine claims the relationship "may not last... if they don't get on the same page about expanding their family." It's specifically alleged that Kutcher's "desire to expand their brood ASAP is causing tension in the couple's three-year marriage."

The magazine maintains the "broody" Kutcher is "desperate for more kids," a contention it bases on Life & Style, which previously quoted a supposed source as saying, "Ashton has always wanted three or four kids." In contrast, NW highlights quotes from Kunis where she's spoken about not wanting to have more children. The outlet further maintains that "clashing over babies is just the latest bump in the couple's relationship."

The publication uses that as an excuse to regurgitate old, debunked rumors, and even repeat recent fake news from Star about Kunis being caught in a "cheating scandal." Significantly, what the tabloid doesn't mention is that it claimed Kunis was pregnant with their third child back in February. NW even featured the headline, "Mila & Ashton's Baby Announcement: 'Yes, We're Pregnant Again!'"

At the time, not only did a rep for the actress confirm to Gossip Cop that she wasn't expecting, but we also pointed out that Kunis had said a year prior that she and Kutcher were "good" with two kids. Now the magazine is pretending it never made that pregnancy "announcement," and alleging the couple is arguing over whether to have more children. But it's irrational to suggest that Kunis has repeatedly spoken about not having another baby even though her husband doesn't feel the same way. Why would Kunis publicly declare she's done having kids if it's actually still something Kutcher is pushing for?

Well, contrary to the outlet's allegations, Kunis' spokesperson tells us that "they are on the same page" when it comes to their family, and that the story is a "lie." That's hardly surprising, of course, given that the publication lied about the star being pregnant five months ago. It should also be noted that just last month Kunis said pregnancy and divorce rumors like these are "upsetting" to her and her family. NW is further contributing to the problem by writing about a "marriage crisis" that doesn't actually exist.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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