Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are not headed for divorce over alleged "cheating," despite a new tabloid cover story. The purported infidelity "secrets" don't even directly relate to their marriage. Gossip Cop can bust this sensationally wrong report.

The latest cover of Star announces, "Mila's Cheating, Lies & Secrets!" Inside the issue, a headline similarly declares, "Mila's Cheating Bombshell!" It's all designed to make readers think Kunis has been caught cheating on Kutcher. That's not the case. Rather, the tabloid absurdly claims that Kunis "two-timed her rumored fiance" more than a decade ago, and that "shocking betrayal could lead to a $225 million divorce" with Kutcher.

The premise of the narrative is that Kunis was supposedly engaged to Morgan J. Freeman, her director for 2002's American Psycho 2, when she "dumped him" for Macaulay Culkin. The magazine contends, "Friends fear that Mila's shocking affair, which left Morgan heartbroken and humiliated, could spell the end of her long-troubled marriage" to Kutcher, and "trigger a nasty $225 million divorce." It should be noted that while "$225 million" is the figure used throughout the article, the number on the cover is "$255 million." (See above.)

The outlet doesn't explain the discrepancy, but insists that Kunis "ran off with Macaulay" while she was still allegedly involved with Freeman. Though neither the actress nor the filmmaker have spoken about having a romance, let alone one that ended with infidelity, the publication maintains her "long-buried betrayal could be the nail in the coffin for her three-year marriage" to Kutcher. A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Ashton is going to be devastated — and absolutely furious — when he learns about Mila's affair."

It's not said just why the actor would be upset over Kunis' alleged history, particularly given that Kutcher himself was accused of cheating amidst his split from Demi Moore in 2011. In fact, Star goes on to claim that "ironically," Kunis has "trust issues" with Kutcher after he was "spotted with a gorgeous mystery gal aboard his private jet at a Los Angeles airport in June." Actually, the magazine first made this allegation in the summer of 2017, after which Kutcher slammed the tabloid and revealed that the woman in question was his cousin.

The outlet is deceptively bringing back a year-old, debunked contention to fit its new storyline, which ends with an alleged "pal" asserting, "Mila and Ashton were already miserable, and now these secrets and lies have finally come to light. I'd be shocked if they survived this!" To be clear, the publication and this untraceable "friend" are predicting Kunis and Kutcher will divorce because she supposedly cheated on a former boyfriend roughly 16 years ago.

On top of the ridiculousness of this, it must be noted that this same tabloid falsely announced a divorce for Kunis and Kutcher in the spring of 2017. More than a year has gone by and the couple is still happily together. There's even video from only two weeks ago of Kunis and Kutcher sneaking in a kiss at the premiere of The Spy Who Dumped Me. Clearly they are not "miserable," nor is there any reason for them to be getting divorced.

Additionally, Gossip Cop could find no evidence of an engagement between Kunis and Freeman, and a rep for the actress tells us that's because there wasn't one. We're also assured there was no cheating scandal involving Culkin, for which there is no proof either. And, as Gossip Cop demonstrated, Kunis' marriage to Kutcher is doing just fine.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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