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A tabloid claims Mila Kunis is encouraging Ashton Kutcher to get revenge on Demi Moore by sitting down for a TV tell-all in which he'll spill secrets about his ex-wife. The story is completely untrue. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

In Moore's new memoir, Inside Out, she reveals many shocking details about her eight-year marriage to Kutcher, including claims he cheated on her and encouraged her to bring other women into their relationship. According to Heat, the actor plans to fight back by sharing his own unflattering stories about his ex-wife.

"He's decided the only way to handle all the appalling allegations she's made is to come out fighting and make sure he has his say," an alleged source tells the magazine. "That means sitting down with one of the major networks and refuting many of Demi's allegations, while telling a few truths of his own. He claims she was [miserable] to live with for much of their marriage, and his fans and family deserve to know the truth."

The supposed insider further contends that Kunis is backing her husband, adding, "He would never agree to do this if Mila was't behind him, but she's fed up, too. She would like to bring Demi down a peg or two for trying to destroy her family." The questionable tipster goes on to say that Kunis "has even offered to join him in the interview and talk about the effect this has had on Ashton."

Nothing about the tabloid's article is remotely true. People magazine, a much more reliable source for celebrity news than Heat, reported earlier this month that Kutcher has no plans to address the allegations in Moore's book. The reliable outlet noted, "He hasn't talked about her since the divorce, and he never will. He respects that she's a mother with a family."

The publication further stressed that Moore's book "didn't do anything to shake" Kunis and Kutcher's loving marriage, as they're "very much in love and have a strong and committed relationship." Both are trying to move on from the controversy, and that doesn't involve rehashing it by coming forward with their own account of events. It's also a major red flag that Heat has no idea when or where Kutcher's supposed interview will be taking place.

It should be noted, shortly after the release of Moore's memoir, Kutcher revealed on Twitter that he was about to post something "really snarky," but then "saw my son, daughter, and wife and I deleted it." That's the closest the actor has come to addressing his ex-wife's book, but that tweet alone indicates he'd rather enjoy his family life than get involved in any drama. A source close to the situation also assures Gossip Cop that Heat's story is total fiction.

Unfortunately, this wouldn't be the first time that Moore's book has led to a phony tabloid story. Earlier this month, Gossip Cop busted the National Enquirer for falsely claiming Kunis dyed her hair blonde to prevent Kutcher from cheating on her following the infidelity accusations in Moore's memoir. The report was laughably wrong. The actress dyed her hair for a role in an upcoming movie. This latest article on the subject is more nonsense.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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